Amazing fast weight loss diet plan you should try

If you go to google and search for fast weight loss plans you will find unlimited number of results that will promise you to lose weight very fast, but in fact the majority of these blogs and articles won't benefit you to reach your goal cause many articles require you to be very hungry through the diet  which will make you unsatisfied and you may give up very quickly. 


Fast weight loss diet plan
Fast weight loss diet plan

But is there any diet plan to lose weight very fast and you won't be unsatisfied during the process ?  of course there is !

Today I will show you three easy steps to apply it and you will get quick results.

-this method doesn't require you to be very hungry.
- it doesn't require you to run everyday.
- it doesn't require you to eat just specific food.

What are the exact steps ?

1- reduce the appetite ( sugar , starches and carbs )
2-  Doing exercises consistently ( at least 3 days per week )
3-  eat protein, fruits and vegetables 

Now let's dive into each steps to know the plan :)

First: reduce the amount of sugar and starches ( the appetite )

In my opinion this is the most important step in the diet. You should remove the all foods that contains sugar or at least reduce the amount of them until you stop eating this kind of food 


foods that contains sugar and starches:

- cracked wheat , maize and  rice ( cereals )

- peas, beans and lentils  ( pulses )


But how ca you reduce your appetite for this kinds of foods ? there are many ways to achieve this goal, after searching tons of ways to reduce the appetite I have found these effective ways: 


- brush teeth: this is very good way to kill your appetite which will make you don't like to eat because it makes the taste of food in your mouth bad :D 

- try to do anything for 10 minutes: this also a great way to forget  the food you can play any game with your friends, family or anybody or you can play online games, reading books or listening to musi. 

- imagine yourself eating something you hate of something tastes very bad.

- eat very slowly: it isn't just good for diet but also for your health in general. 



Second : exercise consistently (3 times every week)


fast weight loss diet
You should diet & exercise


you can lose weight fast without exercising but when you exercise you make it more faster and funnier at the same time, so it is very recommended to train your body at least 3 times per week and you will see amazing quick results  


You don't need to go to gym to exercise you can so many exercises at your own home and get great results and it is more comfortable.


The best exercises to lose weight fast:



dumbbell swing  :  watch the video :


body weight squats : watch the video:


Step ups : watch video :


plank: watch video:

Stick ups:

Third: eat protein, fruits and vegetables  


you need to eat the vegetables and protein every day and if you can every meal. 

fast weight loss diets
Vegetables & Fruits 


also it is important to eat some amount of fat everyday because it is very useful for your body health.


you can get protein from: meat , fish , salmon , chicken lamb , eggs and pork 


you can get low-carb  vegetables from: Brussels Sprouts, Spinach, Swiss Chard and Cellery


you can get fat from: Butter, Lard and Coconut Oil


Don't be afraid of eating fat just don't eat much of it as it is very important for your body.




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