2 Powerful Secrets To Weight Loss

2 Powerful Secrets To Weight Loss

     Secrets To Lose Weight

Anyone interested in losing weight knows it must implement the right strategies throughout the program and that it is not easy . All been through this : despite doing exercises and be careful with what we eat old jeans do not fit anymore. The answer is simple . You just need to be more vigilant with the workout program and diet to increase the burning of calories, boost muscle mass and decrease body fat .



Fortunately , it's easier than it sounds when you get to put into practice these powerful secrets to weight loss . Prepare yourself ! 

2 Powerful Secrets To Weight Loss
Secrets To Lose Weight


Survive situations of high calorie

Be Christmas dinner , the sweets of office or afternoon snacks , temptations to overeat are everywhere . So learn to survive these situations to follow in losing weight is very difficult .

To achieve this, do the following :

The Christmas dinner

Make a long run before dinner. Research shows that people who exercised for more than 40 minutes at 50-60 % of their maximum capacity had lower levels of hireling , the hormone responsible for hunger . If exercise is not an option , eat a snack with lots of protein an hour or two before the big meal and take along a healthy dish of a delicious salad.The barBeer is delicious , but too much can compromise your health and weight loss attempts . Alcohol increases the appetite and prevents post- workout recovery , according to research . So be sure to ask for a drink as a low-calorie light beer or a small glass of wine . You can still anticipate hunger to opt for a protein -rich snack before leaving .Affliction morningAccording to a study from Purdue University , consume protein at breakfast helps you feel more satisfied for longer , preventing overeating later and helping the consequent weight loss . In fact , a study published in the International Journal Of Obesity showed that people who ate 2 eggs and toast for breakfast managed to cut around 1000 calories a day , especially unhealthy snacks - and lost 65 % more weight than those who ate bagel with cream cheese .Replace the bad for the goodFollow a diet does not always mean sacrificing good things to eat . It also deals with replacing the bad for the good to be able to continue eating without feeling hungry all the time .

Here are some food substitutions for weight loss :- Replace the tea by green tea. If you are addicted and drink 4 mugs a day , replace by some green tea, which is full of catechist that activate the process of burning the body .

- Replace coffee with cinnamon sugar . Add cinnamon on coffee to keep sugar levels balanced , thus avoiding having more hunger and overeating .

- Replace sweet drinks of water with lemon. Do not let the label fool you , even diet drinks can cause your blood sugar to high levels due to its sweet taste . Therefore , water is a good option and squeeze lemon on it regulates and maintains the sugar levels low .

Add more calcium

Calcium keeps bones strong , reduces the risk of fractures and can help you maintain your healthy BMI . According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition , people over calcium intake have a 60% easier to weight loss than those who consume less of this mineral .

Unfortunately the newspaper reported that 38 % of us do not have sufficient levels of calcium in our body , so make sure you eat enough of this vital ingredient . Focus at least 1,000 mg per day. Main sources include milk, yogurt and low-fat cheese, canned salmon and fortified fruit juices in moderation. 

Do you suffer with any of the above when it is in the process of weight loss ? Already gave up to lose weight precisely because of these difficulties ? Comment below your experience!


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