20 weight loss tips from people who have lost more than 20 pounds

20 weight loss tips
Weight Loss Tips

I have seen several people in sacrificing weight loss attempts . Such as health , nutrition and physical activity in general are recurrent issues here in Let's Talk Ideas , start the series with a very interesting text reports collected by the editors of the blog fast weight loss diets , people who have lost more than 20 pounds . Seriously, you do not need to suffer to lose weight .



All you need is applying this tips to lose weight :

drink water

One of the most common factors among people who have lost over 20 pounds is that everyone started to drink more water . Gave up sodas and sugar drinks and began to quench the thirst always with water. Tip : drink cold water increases by 20% the metabolic expenditure .

Keep a report of your meals

Write down everything into your mouth . Many people are surprised to see how much they were actually eating , and never imagined to write down everything and realize the cause and effect of the quantity of food that entered his body .

Count the calories

Maybe the most boring and tedious task , but it is also the most effective when it comes to losing weight. There is no escaping the caloric balance . If you want to lose weight need to eat less than you burn . A good tip is to use mobile applications that will help you do this work.

Control the size of your portions

In our culture of giant meals , portion sizes out of control . Eating portions the size of your fist is a good start to control your eating. Also, do not think you always need to finish all the food on your plate there . Leave some food will help you to have self - control.


Do not do diets

The best diet is one that fits with your lifestyle . When you find that harmony , no longer a diet , but a healthy way of eating . One of the best tips for weight loss that people are sent to face the weight loss as a change of habits , and not as a diet . When you get out of your head that his "project " has an end date , you will begin to focus on daily activities that will make you be a healthier person. Being skinny is not the goal - it's your lifestyle .


Be persistent

Nobody is perfect . We will all make mistakes . But successful people are persistent with regard to following a healthy lifestyle . Over a period of time, they are fed in a healthy manner in 90% of the time and exercise several times during a week. Exercise and feed healthily during your day and soon it will become as natural as brushing your teeth .



A healthy lifestyle demand planning. Most errors happen due to lack of planning. Plan your meals in advance so you will be able to know exactly what you need to buy every week at the grocery store . Buy only what you have planned for your meals , and try to cook their dishes in advance. The mere fact that you need help with heating food that you do not run the plan .


Make small changes

Make small changes at a time until they become habit and you no longer have to think about them , and then make another change . There is no need for you to completely change your lifestyle at once . It is much more likely that you will remain committed in their new lifestyle if you change it slowly . Try changing one thing at a time .


Educate yourself

Be curious to understand the reasons for doing what you do. Do not have a habit just because someone told you to or because you have read somewhere . Understand op purpose behind it . Many people just want a cake recipe on what to eat or what exercises to do . However , most people can lose weight and keep well for longer understand how diet and exercise impact their physical bodies . They usually want to know , for example , what is the ideal amount of carbohydrates need and what foods would supply that need. Always try to understand the " whys " behind what you are doing .


Be active

It is virtually impossible to find a person who has lost 20 pounds and have not started any physical activity. Even if it is just a start , the fact that people become more active help in losing weight . The secret is to find some activity that makes you feel good . Not everyone likes the same exercises . Find an activity that you feel pleased when practicing , and then start to challenge you to get out of your comfort zone . Get comfortable with being uncomfortable fact . That's the point .


Do not blame yourself

One time or another , you will escape plan . We all will. Successful people do not blame themselves for this. They return to the track without bad conscience . Your healthy lifestyle and your weight loss plan is still alive and making progress because they allow themselves to make mistakes , learn from them and then get a better result yet.


Is always surrounded by positive people

We are strongly influenced by the people who are around us . Many people need to move on and leave old friends and old habits behind. It's a tough decision to be taken , but they understand how important it is to always be surrounded by people who believe in their dreams .



How do you expect to reach your goals if you never get to pick them ? Getting started is half the challenge . Do not be afraid to fail . People who have lost more than 20 pounds stopped to wait for things to happen , chased and obtained the results they expected.

Stop making excuses

Successful people realize that the reasons for not achieving your goals of weight loss are just excuses . It is a difficult idea to accept, but from the moment they start being honest with themselves , they spend less time making excuses and more time looking for ways to achieve their goals .


Do it for yourself

Make you the number 1 goal of this journey . Lose weight for you, not the pressure of other people. We all have our personal goals for wanting to lose weight, but the common denominator in all of weight loss tips that we received is that people can actually get to your goal did so because they wanted to . They were not pressured by friends or family , they made for themselves , and as a result , inspired others to do the same for them too.


Be patient

You do not gain weight overnight , and likewise , also will not lose it in 24 hours . We all want to lose weight fast, but when you realize that losing weight is part of a process , you can stop blaming yourself for not determined on their goals in the time you expect and get unmotivated . Stop looking at weight loss as a daily challenge . This is a change to your life , and the result will come .

Always be optimistic

Negative thoughts lead to negative results . You are a result of what you think. Always keep a positive thought in your journey of weight loss increases your chances of success . You will learn a lot about yourself during the transition from their way of life . You will find many barriers and challenges , but it is important to understand that even though it is not easy in the end the result will be very rewarding .



Discover your relationship with food

Why are you eating poorly ? Understand the relationship of their eating habits with their emotions . Try to find out the causes of their negative choices when it concerns your lifestyle . Know when your body needs food and when he wants food, and find other ways to reward yourself than eating .


Do not try to be perfect

If your goal is to be perfect , you're destined for failure . Nobody is perfect . Even people who seem to have the most perfect body there not being perfect . Perfection is something we all seek , but in reality , never have. Always try your best. And be happy about it .


Never give up !

You lose weight at times when not quit. Many people do not realize how close they were before giving up . There comes a time when things happen , but before that, you will have thought of throwing in the towel and give up. The more you persevere , infinitely the greater your chances of success . Carry on, and never give up!


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