5 secrets to enhance fat burning

5 secrets to enhance fat burning
Fat Burning

In this article I quote five strategies to reduce the percentage of fat to the fullest. In each item , describe the scientific facts that exists behind every " secret " . From now on , I assure you it is no magic formula and that all items can be easily inserted in their day to day without any restrictions.




Follow my tips and get in record time that your physical well- defined and dreamed . Come on :

1 ) Consume 5-6 meals a day

When we consume a meal , our body does digestion and absorption of nutrients ( proteins , carbohydrates and fats ) , this process produces a caloric expenditure , after the body needs to "work " to digest the food we consume . Ie , the more meals , more our body " works " and thus generate an increase in metabolism , which means a higher daily caloric expenditure .

By performing several meals a day , give a signal to our body that there is no starvation , therefore, no need to stock . Our body is primitive, and when we are long time without food , this goes on alert , and when we eat something , tend to stock mostly as fat . Therefore , we conclude that we should never be fasted for long.

In hormonally view, several meals throughout the day increases the production of thyroid hormones ( T3 and T4 ) , the one responsible for metabolic control . Thus, the higher the metabolism , increased caloric expenditure and vice versa.

If you pay attention , most overweight people eat no more than 2-3 meals daily . This low frequency of meals puts your body in great periods of fasting , caused by the factors mentioned above.

In short :

The fat loss by increasing the frequency of meals is best outlined in the following events :

1 - Increase the frequency of daily meals .

2 - Never to fast

3 - Increased secretion of thyroid hormones

4 - Increase Metabolism

5 - Increased fat loss .

Simple is not it?


2 ) All meals should be highly protein

For each daily meal , make sure you are consuming protein of high biological value . Exs : meat , eggs , fish , protein shake , etc. .

This strategy is very functional , because protein digestion requires much greater energy expenditure than other macronutrients ( carbohydrate and fat ) due to its complexity.

Ex : For every 100 calories of pure protein , our body spends on average 25 calories to digest . In terms of carbohydrate , calorie expenditure in digestion is 5 times smaller , ie , every 100 calories of carbohydrate ingested , the body spends only 5 calories .

The fat is worse, for example, 11 ml of olive oil is 99 calories our body uses only 2 calories to this digestion. As mentioned above, the protein intake increases energy expenditure of the body in general, which explains the importance of introducing high-protein , which in turn increases metabolism .


3 ) Choose carbohydrates with low glycemic index

What Glycemic Index?

Responding simplified form, is the speed at which the carbohydrate in the meal is converted into glucose, which in turn, enters the bloodstream .

Therefore, the higher the glycemic index, the higher the speed that the carbohydrate enters the bloodstream . While the low glycemic carbohydrate enters slowly , gradually , without "spikes " .

Carbohydrate due to metabolic pathways that cause the body to produce a hormone called insulin.

Carbohydrates with a high glycemic index ( sugar) , when inserted into the bloodstream , release signal to the body producing too much insulin .

Insulin in turn, is an anabolic hormone. The problem is that it is as anabolic to lean mass , fat mass as to what triggers a process of conversion of carbohydrates into fat.

The lower the glycemic index , the lower the secretion of insulin which reduces the tendency of the carbohydrate is converted into fat.


4 ) Training program with high intensity

The intensity determined by: number of repetitions , number load (weight ) and the rest period between sets .

The number of repetitions where they get the total failure of the muscles performing the movement , should be a rate of 6 to 12 repetitions , with rest between sets , with an average period of 1 minute . Keeping these parameters , you surely can ensure maximum intensity in a training program with high loads .

Intensive training epinephrine levels increase the adrenaline and nora . These two hormones have receptors located in fat cells , which are responsible for burning them.

Another great advantage of an intense workout , is that it increases the amount of lactic acid. Research shows that high levels of lactic acid increase the production of growth hormone (GH ) , which is one of the best weapons to blast away the fat hormone.

Finally , increase the intensity of your workouts with load to destroy your fat bothers you that much .

5 ) Always have a good night of deep sleep

A good night's sleep , we hit a deep sleep , stimulates the secretion of growth hormone , which in turn is a great weapon for burning fat , as stated in item 4 .

A few hours of sleep or sleep many hours of low quality ( light sleep ) inhibit the production of growth hormone , which in turn hinders the mobilization of fat from adipose tissue derived .

Therefore, to maintain a low body fat percentage , try to keep 8 hours of sleep ( quantity) depth ( quality ) .



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