5 Strange (but effective) fast weight loss tricks

In addition to a balanced diet and exercise , there are many other recipes to lose weight, but not all are effective.

Among those that do work , there are some strange tricks that have uncovered scientific studies and experts on the subject .

1. Eating dessert at breakfast

                 Cut food

    Eating dessert at breakfast

A small serving of dessert for breakfast could help keep your hunger controlled the rest of the day and lose a few kilos . This was determined by a group led by Daniela Jakubowicz study from the University of Tel Aviv (Israel ) , who showed that a low calorie diet , but that includes dessert or breakfast pastry , is effective for weight loss .

"Most people regain the weight , no matter what diet to follow .But if you eat what you like , you decrease cravings. So a small piece of cake (or something similar) is important , "said the author " .

2 . Cut food

                 Cut food

                 Cut food

Although it may seem silly, cut food into small pieces may contribute to weight loss . An investigation by the Department of Psychology at Arizona State University ( USA ) found that this strategy helps trick the brain into believing that there is more food on the plate , which
translates into feeling satisfied with less.

3. Exercising in the morning

Exercising in the morning

    Exercising in the morning

Exercise at any time of the day is very good, but in the morning is much more better. A study of Bangor University in the UK, found that early exercise means burning more calories because

The Reason  is that people tend to be more energetic and alert in the morning , besides being less rushed than those who should have a room in your schedule to perform physical activity.
they usually work harder than at other times of the day.

4. Drinking warm water

While drinking cold water cools , warm ingest can help us lose weight. So says the U.S. personal trainer Chris Powell , who noted that consume warm water before eating helps you feel full faster .

5. Eat

Although it sounds contradictory , eating more can help speed up metabolism. The trick is to eat frequently , about 5 or 6 times a day, but healthy food , rich in protein, fiber and other nutrients, rather than processed . This also helps to have enough energy and feel full without gaining weight.

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