Discover 20 secrets that facilitate weight loss


Discover 20 secrets that facilitate weight loss
20 secrets to lose weight

You ever heard or read that the equation for weight loss is simple : eat less and exercise more ! But if it were that easy , there would be obese or out of shape people , is not it? So it is logical that other actions should be taken to ensure successful weight loss . The first step is letting go of bad habits and put into practice some actions to take to speed metabolism. Learn 20 secrets that will help you get there!

Discover 20 secrets that facilitate weight loss
20 secrets to lose weight

Have a plan:

The popular American saying goes : " If you fail to plan, your plan will fail. " Have a realistic goal and establish other specific weekdays to reach the ultimate goal . Remember to not be so hard on yourself . Life is much more than a diet . Find a balance to achieve your goal and enjoy the moment .

Get more sleep:

Sleep does more than help your body recover from a long day at work . It also helps fight fat . Researchers at the University of Chicago found that sleeping less than 7 or 8 hours a day increases your appetite ( which forces you to eat more ) ; slows the metabolism ( reduces calorie burning ) and causes the body to retain more fat in the belly. You need other reasons to get a little more sleep ? Lack of sleep is also associated with poorly written exercises . Do a favor to yourself and relax ! Your body will thank you.

Eat less more times:

If you feed every three hours , consuming low calorie foods , will arrive at main meals with controlled starvation. Include fruits and yogurts in making snacks between meals .

Cut the snacks:

Some people eat four to six times a day and still take advantage of snacks or extra snacks . Researchers at Purdue University have discovered that this method may be sabotaging your efforts . Calories from snacks untimely increased from 200 to 600 in the last 30 years.

Find out how much you eat:

The first part of the energy equation is simply restrict food intake. Unfortunately , most people are going really bad about it . Research shows that most people underestimate how much they are eating . Sometimes exceed 50 % of what they should eat! There are several ways to know what you are eating , but with any system you use, the key is consistency and accuracy .

Move more , more!

This is the second part of the equation : calories out ! Unfortunately , most people struggle with this process . In today's society , we are very sedentary . Let's get to work by car , work sitting all day and relax in front of the television . Put in practical exercises such as climbing stairs or moving his feet , and formal activities like sports , bodybuilding or race to get better benefits .

Dispose of liquid calories:

You want the truth ? 65 % of Americans consume high-calorie drinks! They are full of sugar, do not meet the needs of the body and leave people hungrier .

Plan a day:

A diet is difficult, mentally or physically is . That's why a day is part of many plans successful diet. This breach of restrictive habits keeps you satisfied and with more confidence to continue with the weight loss .

Lift light weights:

Whether you're male or female, the fastest way to burn fat is by lifting weights . This activity not only activates more muscle fibers , but also increases metabolism when at rest . In other words , when you lift heavy objects , continues to burn calories at a higher level , even if you're not doing anything !

Vary in Training:

For a high impact exercise shake your metabolism in a short time , alternate aerobic and resistance exercises . You can start with five minutes of aerobic exercise ( treadmill or elliptical trainer ) followed by a circuit of weights and lunges , performed with eight replicates . The entire circuit can be repeated two or three times.


Replace simple carbohydrates:

This is one of the most efficient ways to lose weight . Replace foods like rice, pasta and white bread for whole foods . They have more fiber and therefore take longer to be digested , prolonging the feeling of fullness .

Use simple tools:

You do not need one of those expensive treadmills or elliptical machines . The jump rope is very effective to start warming up and get in training intensity . Be agile and control your breath while you try to reach 50 jumps 100 or more without fumbling with the rope !

Rest least in the range of exercises:

There are many key variables that must be considered in your workout routine , one of them is the rest ! Rest periods between exercises can be modified to obtain a higher fat burning . Reduce the time between exercises for 10 or 30 seconds , you increase your resting metabolism and workout intensity .

Combine exercises:

Combine two or three different exercises in one series is a way to get high amount of work done in less time . This is the key to improving the efficiency of the workout , which promotes the goal of losing weight. A good example of this technique is to combine pushups with burpee


Eat more fat:

Did you know that the Institute of Medicine of the United States recommends a composite 25-35 % fat diet ? Foods rich in this substance, such as nuts, avocados and healthy oils can help you lose fat faster than other methods for weight loss . Just do not forget to calculate the amount of fat you need in your diet to avoid overeating . And , as always , avoid trans fats . They are not unhealthy !


Eat more protein:

Protein helps maintain muscle mass and increase the thermic effect of your diet . In other words , the protein requires more energy for your body to process carbohydrates and fats, which subtly contributed to the removal of the calories of the energy equation . As a bonus , eating protein keeps you satisfied longer .


Turn a radical drinker:

No, we're not talking about alcohol! As much as there is nothing magical about the water , the fact that consuming liquid makes you feel less hungry . Also, when you are dehydrated , you burn 2 % fewer calories , according to researchers at the University of Utah . If you struggle to control your appetite , drink before dinner . Then drink some more . Thus more likely to fight against fat .


Take the whey protein:

Your diet should contain sources of whole foods , such as meats , vegetables, fruits and nuts . A survey published in the " Journal of Nutrition " found that people who consume whey protein lose almost hit twice more fat than those who did not consume . Magic ? Almost ! The rap protein is no more effective than found in solid foods. Most people do not consume enough protein in their diets . And the beats are convenient options to meet the needs of the body , the researchers said.


Be patient:

The extra weight that you have not emerged from night to day. And it will be impossible to lose it now from one day to another. Relax and be aware that the weight goes away if you are meeting the goals of your new diet . 


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