The Best 8 Fruits To Lose Weight And To Be Healthy

It is no secret that the fruit is a great source of energy and nutrients . A diet rich in fruits provides all necessary for your body , immense benefits for good health in general nutrients and also helps you lose a good few pounds.

Here are 8 fruit - rich in carbohydrates to boost your energy levels ; other less caloric that help to weight loss . It is important to remember before getting overwhelmed by the potential of these fruits , that excessive consumption of fruit can make you fat .


1. Strawberries

The Best 8 Fruits To Lose Weight And To Be Healthy


Strawberries are full of antioxidants and anti - inflammatory enzymes . Also have enough to boost your digestion and help regulate intestinal transit fiber.

According to some experts the strawberries still promote the production of the hormone adiponectin and leptin . These hormones are associated with fat burning and metabolic system . An increased production of these hormones leads to a higher metabolic rate and a greater weight loss.

Strawberries are an excellent choice to be made with some frequency in your diet .

2. Banana

The Best 8 Fruits To Lose Weight And To Be Healthy


Bananas are ideal for people who want to lose or maintain weight through good nutrition. A banana gives nutritional sustenance and strength that your body requires to face everyday wear and at the same time is very useful in weight loss process .

They are an excellent source of carbohydrates , vitamin C , vitamin B , potassium and fiber. May be a bit more caloric than some of the other fruits , however , moderate consumption can bring great benefits for those who want to lose weight .

The combination of natural energy , vitamins, minerals and fiber in bananas helps to control your appetite and keep you satiated for longer , especially tryptophan , an amino acid that combats compulsive desire that some people have for sweets .

Great to consume at breakfast to raise energy levels .


3. Apple

Apples are low in calories and fat , are low in sodium , and contain vitamins, minerals and fiber. Their properties can help you lose weight in several ways .

The Best 8 Fruits To Lose Weight And To Be Healthy


The fiber in apples , especially the skin , helps you feel more satiated because it expands and stays in your stomach longer , as a result , you eat less food to satisfy your hunger .

Eating an apple before meals can reduce the intake of calories during your dinner - and the amount can be significant . According to the " Appetite " magazine concluded , the consumption of an apple before a meal can reduce your caloric intake by about 15 % .

This must be one of the fruits of most of your diet and can be consumed at any time of day .


4. Watermelon

watermelon is an excellent choice to include in the dessert . Having that feeling of satisfaction when you are dieting is very complicated . Always get hungry after meals because they are eating less than usual .

The Best 8 Fruits To Lose Weight And To Be Healthy


How sweet , watermelon can satisfy your craving for sugar and also replace other calorie laden desserts . It is also composed of 92 % water , which is in itself an advantage , since the water helps fill the stomach creating a feeling of satiety and reduces food cravings .

Another great advantage of watermelon in weight loss process is that it contains very few calories . It is considered a negative calorie fruit , your body will expend more calories to digest than the watermelon calories from watermelon own process.

Very good fruit to eat when he's sweet tooth and in need of hydration .


5. Grapefruit

Some studies grapefruit and its relation to weight loss were made. In one such study , conducted at the University " Johns Hopkins " in the United States , a group of people who are overweight , consumed grapefruit daily for 13 weeks and have managed to lose almost 10 pounds without changing anything else in your lifestyle .

The Best 8 Fruits To Lose Weight And To Be Healthy


Many comments followed these studies and many experts have concluded that the weight loss occurred because the water from grapefruits made ​​people feel full longer and eat less as a result .

However , the important thing is that they lost weight , so here is another food that can include ( in moderation ) in your diet .

Excellent for hydrating your body can be introduced into your diet with some frequency .


 6. Pineapple

Ananas -  need something really sweet to feel satisfied pineapple can be the perfect substitute for desserts full of processed sugar and high calorie .

The Best 8 Fruits To Lose Weight And To Be Healthy


This characteristic of hunger (especially candy ) is not the only strong point of the pineapple . He is also a highly diuretic food and the digestive process helps a lot .

Another good thing about pineapples is that it contains the enzyme Bromolina - which is a good natural anti - inflammatory agent for your skin and muscles . So in that aspect - the pineapple can be considered a natural defense against cellulite .

Pineapple , to have a higher level of carbohydrates , belongs to the group of fruits that should be consumed preferably at breakfast to raise energy levels .


7 . Avocado

The Best 8 Fruits To Lose Weight And To Be Healthy


Many people think that it is high in fat , but few know that most of this fat is monounsaturated fat , a type of fat that is " healthy" and that leaves no raise levels of blood cholesterol and helps protect your heart and blood vessels.

Its main for those who want to lose weight , the benefit is found in its excellent nutritional value , which will help keep you satiated for longer, meaning you tend to eat less when you're satiated . However , avocado is more calories than most of the fruit to be consumed with moderation and without added sugar.

The avocado is a food highly recommended by nutritionists prestigious and very popular at breakfast many famous .


8 . Berries

The Best 8 Fruits To Lose Weight And To Be Healthy


Red fruit berries ( Berries internationally known as ) is the name given to a set of various fruits , which highlights the blackberries , raspberries, blueberries and strawberries cited .

These small wonder contain low levels of fat, carbohydrates and calories but have high levels of fiber , minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Numerous studies link these powerful fruits with a variety of health benefits , from preventing cancer and heart problems to weight loss .

The berries must be a good part of your diet and can be eaten at any time of day .

Tip : Do not be limited by this list . Actually all add variety and quality fruit to your diet . The most important is to know when and how much to eat.



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