Unlock 10 Secrets to Having The Perfect Abs

Unlock 10 secrets to having the perfect abs
the perfect abs



It is no longer a secret to anyone that in order to have a perfect belly , you need to maintain a healthy diet accompanied by exercise routine . But there is a right way and a wrong one of having a flat stomach . .... 

Abs Muscles sometimes are difficult to build because they are covered with lots of fats. So it needs some work from you and determination to achieve the perfect abs. 

Learn the formula:

Reduce abdominal fat involves a mixture of power and intelligent series of exercises . Eat enough food to prevent hormonal imbalances . Eating too little (less than 1200 calories per day ) reduces the amount of the hormone leptin, which burns fat in your body and thus slows weight loss process.

If you are just exercising without following a specific diet plan, you will spend much time in the gym and will have little results in longer time.

Start doing posture exercises:

Doing regular posture  exercises can bring a flat stomach much faster. Having a good posture helps you look slimmer instantly and, moreover , strengthens the abdominal muscles . Focus on strengthening the upper back muscles , which will help keep your shoulders down and back. In the gym , look for that specific devices and put some serious work on them .

Check-out this video to get a basic idea:

Fight against fat:

Abdominal exercises can help define the muscles better  , but do not forget the cardio exercises . They make you lose fat in all regions of the body . Running is a good option . Start by running 3 times per week and increase the speed of the sprint every time and you will get a great body shape in general not just abs. 

Leave the stress aside:

The very stressed people can raise levels of cortisone - the stress hormone in your body - which can increase the amount of fat you have in the belly . Take a few minutes a day to relax  and mediate. you can also listen to relaxing music on YouTube anytime you want.

Learn what to eat:

This is very important the secret to getting a flat stomach includes a special diet . Eat foods high in fiber that help you beat the swelling. Replace the normal breakfast for a bowl of oatmeal with blueberries, for example. The oat fiber helps digestion and antioxidants in blueberries can help to eliminate fat . For dinner , focus on lean meats like fish .

Drink to detoxify:

What you drink can help flatten your belly . Drink a glass of water every morning after waking up, it helps burning fat, detoxify your system and boost your metabolism at the same time. You can also drink plenty of lemonade or natural juices with no sugar like vegetables juices. 

Stay away from certain foods:

There are some foods that make you feel like an inflated balloon. Avoid foods such as broccoli and cabbage. and of course all kinds of fast food. 

Choose the right exercise:

Focus on full body exercises such as squats, push-ups and Jump jacks. Besides these exercises save time, they work various parts of the body, and posture. Yoga can also be a good option to relax yourself, recover faster, increase flexibility and mobility.

Work all layers:

If you only do one type of workout routine to exercise your belly , its interior can not be perfect. Work your core involves exerting all their abdominal layers and not just the top or lower. The internal muscles help pull your belly inward.

Do not forget the side flab:

If you have a little more fat around your waist , you should follow some tricks : read food labels to avoid trans fats . Do not forget to do exercises for the body side . This way , you avoid getting lean in the belly , but jumping areas on the sides of the pants .

Finally here's a video to show you the different kinds of exercises that will help you build the perfect abs muscles in a short amount of time with consistency:

Here's an Infographic to build a nice abs through multiple exercises (Abs of Steel!) 

Abs of Steel

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