5 Proven Scientific Weight Loss Methods!

A level of body above levels considered safe fat can increase the risk of many diseases. If excess fat is subcutaneous, if it affects your internal organs, it can lead to conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer and so on.

We live in a society where the level of median body mass is increasing. But that, in addition to harm the health, brings problems of self-esteem and can cause obese people suffer prejudice.

Here is some scientific methods to lose weight and get healthier.


Diets for weight loss:

The restriction of calories consumed, used to reduce body fat, is used successfully. Do you really lose weight by dieting. The problem is the duration of this effect. The accordion effect can also be bad for your health.

Diets have to be maintained so that its effects are too. Some of restrictive diets that are long term are: Mediterranean diet, vegetarianism and diet with low carbohydrate counting.

Ask a miracle diet that offers immediate results, but these results do not hold, will not do.



Researches show that aerobic activities, done at least three times a week for 30 minutes per session, can help in weight loss, regardless of diet.

Diet and exercise:

The combination of physical activity together with a low calorie diet is most recommended, since it produces a greater than previous methods, a more healthy weight loss. The abdomen fat will disappear and your breathing becomes more effective.


Behavioral therapy:

The therapy is not superior to other methods. Combined them it shows results, but only go to therapy will not help you lose weight.

A good (and cheap) alternative in this field is self-hypnosis, consisting of CDs or MP3 files to help condition your subconscious mind to change the eating habits. The method most used in Brazil is hypnosis Think Light, which can be found here.

You can also try to slim down laughing.



Weight loss through drugs, approved by the Ministry of Health works - provided that these substances are part of a nutritional program. It is indicated for patients with higher levels of body weight to 30 or having a risk of developing heart disease. There are two drugs that are recommended: the inhibitors and inhibitor of appetite, which will prevent the formation of fat.

A weight loss drug that promises much, when you leave the stage clinical testing is Tesofensine, which leads to twice the weight loss medication emagraecer most famous, the Sibutramine.


Stomach reduction surgery:

It is the most efficient method in terms of lost pounds more, however, as is radical in many cases it is suitable only for patients diagnosed with morbid obesity, having the body mass index greater than 40 or who have heart disease.

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