Increased Muscle Mass helps Slimming or Fattening?

Increased Muscle Mass helps Slimming or Fattening?
Increased Muscle Mass helps Slimming or Fattening?

It is common in our society relate to the increase in muscle strength and mass to fat loss cardio training. This thinking leads many people to believe that weight is the enemy of those who want to lose weight, because although there are actually a small percentage of fat that is removed when doing weight training, there is also an increase in lean muscle mass which gives the feeling that you are increasing the weight.


This is one of the main reasons why many people think that weight training fattening.

To gain muscle you will have a much more attractive body, however, the balance can show that you are "heavier". Here arises the misconception that weight training is not for weight loss, since the fact that you are "heavier" does not mean that you are more "fat".

This is because muscle is heavier than fat (because it is more dense and compact) and as a result yoody composition: what percentage of lean body mass you have and what is fat.ur weight may stay the same or even increase in some cases. Soon the number you see on the scale is not the best indicator of the physical condition of your body. The balance can mean only your weight

This creates some confusion in people because all they want is to see the numbers on the scale dropping. If this is the case, keep in mind that what really matters are the numbers of the scale, but how you see and feel your body. Up to observe how your clothes wear more easily may be a better way to measure your progress than the scale.

However, there may be other reasons why you are increasing weight or are unable to lose weight with bodybuilding workouts.

The increase in lean muscle mass can help boost your metabolism and lose fat?

Yes you can. However, although this statement is written based on the fact she is often exaggerated by some experts. This happens a lot when someone is trying to sell a product or supplement any.

While it may be true that having more muscle mass helps raise your metabolism - and when you have a higher metabolism your body burns more calories at rest - the number of calories may not be as high as many of these experts make you believe.

Based on this statement many people think that weight training alone makes slimming and will make miracles and ranging up to slim down while sleeping or resting. For this reason, they continue eating everything that comes in front of you hoping that the increased metabolism caused by the practice of bodybuilding delete all those calories they consume in excess.

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