Learn how you can lose weight 4-8 kg at Walk

Many people have tried to walk so that they lose weight. Some achieve amazing results, but others didn't achieve an desired results and they give up very quickly !

Learn how you can lose weight 4-8 kg at Walk
Lose Weight Walking

If you are someone who have experienced walking and do not notice difference in your weight as you want, do not give up easily.


Be persistent, improve its performance by observing what others are doing differently that allows them to achieve positive results and follow our tips that will help maximize your results as fast as possible.

If you are starting now and do not know if this is the right activity for you, learn some of its benefits and how walking can change your lifestyle!

Benefits - Walking helps you lose weight and promotes good health

it is true that walk do not burn as many calories as other high intensity exercises, dozens of studies have shown that it is a very effective tool for weight loss and promote good health.

For example, a study published in the "Journal of the American Medical Association" found that brisk walking is very effective in reducing visceral fat (the most dangerous type of fat), the one that gets accumulated in the belly and compresses vital organs, causing hypertension blood and other problems.

Another study conducted at the University of Colorado found that if people walk 15 minutes daily more than usually , they could keep their weight stable - neither gained weight nor getting slim. The researchers also concluded that if they walk 45 more minutes per day than usual for them, thus beginning to lose weight.

Besides the walk promote weight loss, there are plenty of other areas studies show that its efficacy with regard to improving their health and prevent various diseases:

• Prevents the onset of type 2 diabetes. Studies show that walking 2-3 hours per week and reduce body fat by 7% reduces the risk of getting diabetes by 58%.

Preserves the mental health and enhances cognitive abilities. Walking relieves stress, improves sleep quality and helps fight depression, since physical activity causes the brain to release endorphins - chemicals that improve mood.

Improves your physical condition. Floor only three times per week for 30 minutes can significantly better cardio respiratory system, and its resistance.

Strengthens the heart. Researchers say that walking significantly reduces the risk of heart attack.

And the list of ongoing benefits such as prevention against various types of cancer and control cholesterol ... But the most important is that you understand that walking positively affects and improves various aspects of your life.

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