3 Amazing Benefits of Eating Vegetables

3 Amazing Benefits of Eating Vegetables
3 Amazing Benefits of Eating Vegetables

Many types of beans, including soybeans, are rich in saponins-an anti-inflammatory compound that helps the immune system to protect against cancer, while reducing the rate of cholesterol-. In any case, it does not overcook the beans, because too much heat can make you lose the cooking juices, causing the loss of saponins. Today I want to tell you some benefits of eating vegetables that you may find useful.


1- Prevents cancer

Legumes help to hold the line and prevent obesity, which indirectly reduces the risk of cancer, as people who have excessive body fat is more likely to develop this condition.

Furthermore, refined carbohydrates nourish cancer cells and reduces the power of the immune system. Thus, eating vegetables instead of refined carbohydrates sugar prevents the restoration of cancer and helps maintain a strong immune system cells. The set helps protect the body against cancer.

Especially, eating vegetables instead of refined starch helps prevent liver cancer, which is often a result of obesity and can be solved as easily as include this kind of food in our daily diet.


2- Relieve symptoms of menopause

Flavoring contained in soybeans and chickpeas can act like the female hormone estrogen. The estrogen-like substances derived from plant sources are called phytoestrogens, and can alleviate some symptoms of menopause (such as hot flashes).

Do not abuse the consumption of vegetables, especially if breast cancer is suffering with estrogen receptors, since in these cases should avoid eating large amounts of estrogen-including fitoestrógenos-. 


3- To prevent metabolic syndrome

This syndrome is a set of symptoms, one of the major insulin resistance (prediabetes). People who develop a metabolic syndrome have greater difficulty losing weight, since this disease slows down your metabolism, making weight loss more difficult. 

Metabolic syndrome begins after an excessive amount of grease may have accumulated in the body because of repeated food beyond the threshold of hunger, a problem that often occurs in people with a diet high in refined starch consumption.

Breaking this vicious cycle is difficult, and patients should have a fasting time of refined carbohydrates, learn to eat three meals a day of moderate size, without any snack between meals to allow the body to burn fat and invest syndrome metabolic.

Eat vegetables instead of refined starch prevents the pancreas to release large amounts of insulin, which helps maintain proper sugar level in blood. This prevents impulse food and overfeeding, providing a longer satiety after a meal, and preventing the manifestation of the metabolic syndrome.

Do you like vegetables? If you are one of those who still refuse to include them in your diet, can these benefits of eating vegetables you have changed the perspective.Dare to try them!

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