4 slimming foods for belly

4 slimming foods for belly
slimming foods for belly

A healthy diet is key to achieving your goals of being fit, so I invite you to discover these slimming foods to help you have a flat stomach like you've always wanted.

Celebrities such as Jessica Alba and Channing Tatum incorporate these foods into your daily menu and as a result can boast of an abdomen of envy, but only they can do you too! Since they are easy to get food and, above all, delicious. So what are you waiting for?


 1-  Seeds Chia

If you start taking these small little seeds daily you will notice the striking change in your waist, thanks to its various properties such as fatty acids omega-3. It has also been found that these seeds acting hormones that cause anxiety and stress, thus preventing more and eat the fat that enters your body will not build up in your abdomen.

Chia seeds will make your body fats are broken down so that the fat in your abdomen is gradually decreasing. It also will help you control hunger, as they have a high satiating power.


2- Low-fat Milk

A diet based on dairy products that are low in fat will help you lose body fat and likewise slim your waist; not only does not contain fat, but because it contains amino acids such as arginine, which helps fight fat, especially localized in the abdomen area.

Drink a glass of low fat milk a day can help you have stronger bones and promote fat loss that is already accumulated in your body.

3- watermelon

This fruit is one that contains fewer calories, and have a high water content will give you a healthy feeling of fullness in the stomach and allow you to have a faster digestion without your abdomen swell. Thanks to its high water content, it is useful to control cravings during the course of the day, and thus promote weight loss and fat in your abdomen.

4-  The Grapes

To combat the fat that accumulates in the belly grapes are excellent, especially the purple grapes and red, which are loaded with resveratrol, a nutrient that helps stop the spread of fat in the body and prevents that this is gained. Even in studies to prevent the already accumulated fat causes heart disease.



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