5 strange reasons you gain weight

Weight loss is not just a matter of calories. In fact, you can take care in what you eat, exercise and ... nothing. This is because there are other factors that affect your weight. Would you like to know?Here they go!


5 strange reasons you gain weight
5 strange reasons you gain weight


1- Sleep Deprivation

When we do not get enough sleep, our body biochemical changes that occur acute hunger, stimulates fat storage and make it harder for us to eat satiate. On the other hand, if you sleep late are more likely to your meal times are delayed and finished by dinner late at night. Need I say that none of this is suitable for your body?


2- Much stress

Stress is a reaction of the body against times of pressure. Experience from time to time there is nothing wrong; in fact, it is completely natural. But, living in constant stress causes our body to produce cortisol, also known as the "stress hormone". And this increases the appetite, metabolism slows and ... makes us gain weight, of course.

3- Several tasking

"You have to be effective and use the time to the maximum." This is the message that consistently conveys our society and what motivates us to always do more than one task at a time. But this habit can have very bad consequences for your weight. And several studies have shown that performing multiple activities at the same time, control of what we eat is lost. Ever thought you had?

4- Obsession with thinness

Having a healthy model to imitate can be a very good motivation to lose weight. But everything has a limit; and have demonstrated some research done in the Netherlands. They found that those who were highly exposed to, for example, images of very thin models, it was much more difficult to achieve a healthy weight.

5- Lack of nutrients

The deficiency of certain nutrients, such as vitamin D, magnesium or iron, can affect your body in many different ways. Among them, usually slow metabolism and this makes losing weight much we do difficult. So take a balanced diet; This is the best way to prevent these problems.

Surprised? Well, at least now you know all these factors, you'll have them under control.Congratulations!

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