7 Drinks to lose weight fast

Lose weight effortlessly is not easy, because it often happens that what most fattening is also what we like. However, it is not to eat anything that excites us, but not to abuse certain foods and find options that help you lose weight healthily. And perhaps, the best known is precisely drink plenty of fluids to achieve fast weight loss, feel more satisfied and eliminate waste from the body. But there are drinks in addition to all these advantages allow us to lose weight more easily. We discuss some of them.

7 Drinks to lose weight fast
7 Drinks to lose weight fast

Tea without sugar

You can choose the variety that you like tea, because they all have diuretic effects. But most importantly, do not use sugar to consume, otherwise we lose the slimming effect, ingesting calories.  (read this article: Tea For Weight Loss)


The cooling effect and the satiating power of natural juices makes them perfect for getting fit and healthy as well. In fact, to make them at home you make sure that all the vitamins that naturally contain not lost along the way, like we buy in stores already packed.

7 Drinks to lose weight fast
Black Coffe

Black coffee

The coffee itself is not fattening anything, and also keep more active, has an important digestive effect when consumed without milk. Obviously, in this case also avoid sweeten. If you do not like the taste so strong tastes better with sweeteners.

skimmed milk

Milk is an important source of protein. Furthermore, we can replace either lunch or dinner for a glass of milk, in addition to being healthy, gives us energy to do everyday activities. Having little fat to be skimmed, eliminate the most damaging part time for inclusion in the diets.

homemade lemonade

The cooling effect of lemon and all the advantages offered as citric are remarkable. But what is even more the fact that if you use sweeteners to get a sweeter natural drink that will help you lose weight by its diuretic with little to zero calories.


Water is the drink par excellence. In fact, it is advisable to consume two liters a day to keep fit and healthy. You can not miss in any diet, has zero calories and helps to remove all residues that are left in the body.

Flavored water

Although come with sweeteners and sometimes unnatural dyes, it is increasingly common to find these products on the market. They are like soft drinks, but always with less calories, no gas and healthier.


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