How to break the cycle of rebound effect of diets?

How to break the cycle of rebound effect of diets?
How to break the cycle of rebound effect of diets?

Many people start each year in order to lose weight. However, most do not make it or if you do, have difficulty maintaining long-term weight.

And although most dieters attribute the limited success of the diet to lack of discipline, the reality is that most diets are not designed for use in the long term, or to help you stay after lose weight.

Why people live struggling to lose weight and many times after losing it back to recover? The key is how dieters: if you look at the method used, it is easy to understand why this happens. Fad diets may help you lose weight at first, but are almost impossible to follow long term. If you lose weight with this type of program, it is likely that long-term fat again.

Why Diets

What many people do not realize is that the basis of every successful diet is the reduction of calories consumed. Despite the concern of our society for fad diets, weight loss comes down to calories.

An investigation by the New England Journal of Medicine says that "low calorie diets result in clinically meaningful weight loss regardless of which macro-nutrients you eat." Regardless of the program you're following, if you are losing weight is because you're consuming fewer calories than you're spending.

The trick to sustainable weight loss is reducing calories, balancing the consumption of healthy foods along with foods that you like. So, after losing weight, when it comes to keeping the number on the scale, the only difference will be that consume slightly more calories each day. It's simple, but it is something that many people overlook dieters.


If you do not want to regain weight after dieting, do not deprive yourself of the food you love while you're dieting. If you love carbohydrates, eat some whole grain bread. If you like to eat vegan, prepares sautéed tofu. If you eat fast food occasionally incorporates a burger and fries on your calorie plan. A feeding strategy that works long term must be flexible and realistic, otherwise you're going to gain weight at the end.

The most important part, however, is to try to eat foods that make you feel satisfied but are low in calories. Control what you eat long term has more to do with feeling good and satisfied with having a force of indomitable will.

If you're eating delicious meals and not feel deprived for the whole day, weight loss can become easier. And if you can learn to be happy while you're dieting, then stay slim after will be even easier, simply because you can eat a little more calories.

The main advantage make your own customized diet plan is that you can choose foods according to your preferences; this way you're programming yourself to keep the weight off for good, and you will achieve break the cycle of rebound effect of the diets.

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