Japanese Diet to Lose Weight

Japanese Diet to Lose Weight
Japanese Diet to Lose Weight

The food in the land of the rising sun is traditionally more balanced than in the West. In Japan, the various schemes are naturally very healthy and prepared from rice, fish and vegetables. Among the most famous Okinawa we can cite the regime, known for its results in weight loss, but especially for the exceptional longevity of the inhabitants of this lost at sea Philippine archipelago.


Keep the line with a Japanese regime

Japanese regimes advocate for healthy eating balanced diet, ideally distributing calories, including a lot of fresh produce with an abundance of healthy and tasty foods full of fiber, vitamins and proteins.


What is Okinawa regime?

Okinawa region surpasses all others in Japan, since it is not only the highest concentration of centenarians worldwide, but a large number of people com a nice figure.

Feeding the inhabitants of this tropical island with protective products based on principles and respect for the energy density, the cornerstone of this regime. In other words, the lower the density of a food, the more it benefits when consuming it.

This regime is weak semi vegetarian fats, representing less than 25% of total calories. It is also based on the principle of respect for the energy density of food, representing the caloric value of 100 grams of food divided by 100.

Japanese Diet to Lose Weight
Japanese Diet to Lose Weight


The food is made mostly of magnesium and fish rich in omega 3, a little white meat, soy for its antioxidant effects, anti-cancer and anti osteoporosis, and plenty of fresh water and tea. However, red meat and dairy products like cheese are rare, except the rich yogurt lactic acids.

You can freely consume foods with an energy density of less than 0.7; and consumption of those in which the energy density is between 0.8 and 1.5 is reduced. Foods with an energy density greater than 1.5 are consumed only occasionally.


Bonus tips

When consumed raw fish should choose fresh and avoid freezing. On the other hand, you may have some difficulties in procuring certain foods like tofu or seaweed.

This scheme assumes strong currents limit certain foods in our Western diet, such as red meat, sweets and milk. In any case, this change in feeding mode must always be accompanied by regular physical activity.

Did you know the Japanese diet for weight loss? Did you ever tried? Did you been successful?

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