Weird Tips to lose weight that work

Weird Tips to lose weight that work
Weird Tips to lose weight that work

See the strange weight loss tips that we offer today; The good news is that they have side effects, so you can immediately begin to try, however rare they may be.


Rare tricks to lose kilos


1 # Lose weight praying

You will look like a joke, but some people get it; the explanation given by scientists is that praying there are 4 areas of the brain are changed and with them the result occurs, these are:

     limbic System

     parietal lobe

     frontal Lobe

     anterior cingulate

2 # Hazle case Confucius

Dan Buettner of National Geographic, was mission to northern Okinawa, Japan, where a civilization before eating recalled a proverb dating back to 3000 years old; which recalls that when the stomach is full 80% should stop eating; something said by Confucius.You can do it too!

The idea is, before eating say something like "The food that I take is a blessing for my body and I will stop eating before you feel full"


3 # Use colors to reduce appetite

 Decorate your kitchen and living room green and blue

These two colors reduce appetite; is pure psychology but true. Look at the big chains like McDonald's and Subway, which in its merchandising and image using colors like red and yellow; they increase appetite.


4 # Avoid sitting the middle of the table

Typically, at the ends of the table no food is placed, or if it is always made in smaller quantities than in the center thereof; thus, sit at the head, for example, can help you eat less.

5 # Turn off the TV

Invest the time in physical activities, go for a walk with your pet or play with your children; you gain joy and will lose weight because you'll be avoiding a sedentary lifestyle.

Do you know other strange weight loss tips?Share them with our readers!

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