3 Mistakes Prevent losing weight, despite exercising

Many people make the mistake of thinking that if you are exercising, losing weight. And though losing weight is a mathematical burn more calories than you consume, in this case this subtraction sum-is not as accurate.

3 Mistakes Prevent losing weight, despite exercising
Weight lose mistakes

Avoid falling into these common mistakes training post will not let you progress in losing weight.

3 Mistakes Prevent losing weight, despite exercising Comes all the calories you burned: We think it gives us an open letter to exercise to nourish the body, as "calories burned". And it's not. If you are thinking about losing weight, exercising care not only to do, but what you eat and how commas. Choose a meal with some protein, good fats, and a few grams of carbohydrates, an hour after your workout. This formula will help control the instinct to eat everything that happens in front and you will give your body what it takes for you to recover quickly.

3 Mistakes Prevent losing weight, despite exercising Consumes many sports foods: When people do sport, strong, falls into the temptation of these foods high recovery but they can also be a calorie bomb. All gels, chews and drinks that claim to revitalize, moisturize and enhance your performance as if you were a marathon runner are necessary if you're exercising for more than 75 minutes or at high temperatures.

In most cases these foods have more calories, sugar and fat so you can have a bar of ordinary chocolate. You must trust whole foods like bananas and perfect fluids like water.

3 Mistakes Prevent losing weight, despite exercising You make a super extreme diet: Women we love those stories of losing a lot of weight in a short time, especially when we remove whole food groups. If we sum rigorous exercise routine, these anotándote on a path of weight loss rebound. When you go back to eating foods that: 1 Were used (which often happens when you take a food "only" lose weight) and 2 you can not maintain the exercise routine high activity.

It is best to balance real routine (60 mins to 90 mins of exercise) with a balanced diet that includes all food groups.

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