5 Myths About Obesity You Should Stop Believing

Not everything that is said about the ideal weight is true; between lies and truths here are 5 Myths about obesity you should stop believing. According to research conducted in Birmingham and published in Critical Reviews in Food Science & Nutrition and the New England Journal of Medicine can realize the amount of wrong assumptions we have about clinical obesity.

5 Myths About Obesity You Should Stop Believing
  Myths About Obesity You Should Stop Believing


 1. The changes in calorie intake cause long-term alterations

This means that if to lose about a kilo per week you have to burn about 3500 calories in seven days, then you could lose kilos, considering you adopt long-term behavior. Studies say that can only work for a short period of time.

The reality is that it all depends on the person in question, because each different metabolism; moreover, is not just consume 3500 calories from foods high in saturated fats fed with 3500 calories of healthy foods.

2. Setting unattainable goals achieved frustrating and not good for weight loss

No relevant studies on the subject to support this theory; perhaps there are people who consider their work impossible and very ambitious goals.

The truth about this myth is that there is nothing better to do things like custom mode; what you will serve and work is what counts and is in the direction you should move to achieve your goal to lose weight.

3. If you lose weight fast, too fast you recover

The differences are well known and, generally, most people lose more easily during the onset of diet; then go through what is called plateau phase, where little or down we seem to have stalled and sometimes you have to make changes in diet or physical activity to continue losing weight.

Truth is relative; if you are an obese person is usually most convenient to lose weight gradually and sustained long-term to prevent recover lost kilos.

4.  Breastfeeding baby helps prevent obesity

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) children who were breastfed are less likely to be obese in adulthood. However, studies conducted have found no evidence.

The truth about this myth is that breast milk provides many benefits but still remains to be demonstrated by the existence of other scientists associated with the prevention of obesity.

5.  Diets rebound effect are associated with risk of death

It is believed that such diets affect the health of the body and so may increase the death rate. The truth is unsubstantiated, but what we do know is that it is not healthy continually raise and lower weight; negative impact on the physical, mental and emotional aspect.

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