Get a Flat Stomach

We all dream and attractive flat belly and fortunately it can be done without internarnos hours in the gym. The diet, stress and other factors also influence when wanting to look enviable abs. But despite this, regular exercise is essential to keep them. So do not miss this item and get a flat stomach then!

Get a Flat Stomach
Get a Flat Stomach 

properly rests

The hormone cortisol (which increases during stress) is affected when you do not get enough rest and that increases abdominal fat. Not to mention that when you are tired and need energy, you go to the food as it is hormone increases your appetite. So if you want a flat stomach, it is important that you give your body the rest it needs, sleeping seven to eight hours a night and not only look better but you will feel renewed.

Reduce stress

As I mentioned earlier, stress increases production in the brain of the hormone cortisol which causes the increase in abdominal fat. It is therefore essential to lead a relaxed life and try to reduce stress. That activity like yoga or deep breathing can help you deal with problems and manage anxiety. Although you can find a way to occupy your mind with some hobby, a relaxing bath or a walk.

Consume foods with probiotics

Probiotics are live microorganisms which foods have important benefits such as boosting the immune system. So eating foods with probiotics is good for your health and helps reduce bloating. Add foods that are good sources of probiotics to your daily diet, such as yogurt.


Avoid foods with salt and sodium

Salt can cause gastrointestinal discomfort and excessive swelling in the abdomen.Mientras that sodium attracts and holds water giving the appearance of swelling. That avoids processed foods with lots of spices and foods with a high sodium content.

Avoid drinks that produce swelling

If you want a flat, sexy stomach you must avoid drinks that cause swelling. Like alcohol, it is best to consume it occasionally. Other drinks you should avoid are coffee and soft drinks including carbonated water. Try consuming still water daily and completely eliminates other soft drinks for best results.


All the above tips are ideal for achieving a flat stomach. However, should help to regulate and abdominal exercise. This will give tone your belly and keep it with healthy eating.


Follow these tips and not only get a sexy flat stomach but enjoy a new lifestyle and a much healthier body. Have any other tips for getting a flat stomach?

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