How to Burn Fat Effectively

Fat, so easy to get, and so difficult to remove. It's like our bodies do not release the fat just to annoy us. We can exercise ourselves to limit our intake of calories and still not go away. If this sounds familiar, all you need is a few cards up his sleeve. When you get your body work in your favor, virtually fat will melt and disappear. In the article below, we will discuss diet, exercise habits and lifestyle that work by removing the fat, you have to work hard. So say goodbye to your fat cells now because not much time left!


Part 1 of 3: Burn fat with your diet


How to Burn Fat Effectively


1- Reduce your calorie intake gradually. Many people think, "Well!I'm on a diet!No more calories for me! "But do not realize that doing so only makes them fatter. When suddenly totally eliminate, your body has no idea what's going on, then in his attempt to save your life, imprisons your fat deposits. It really clings to these desperately. So, reduce your calorie intake gradually, so your body can get rid of them.

     If you do this seriously, purpose a target with numbers. Whether 1200 or 2200, it's your choice, but establishes a number. So you can see what department your body each percentage of your diet is going. If you can consume 10% fat, it will be easy to know what you can eat and what not.


How to Burn Fat Effectively


2- Another option is to vary your calorie intake. We, as human beings, from a general perspective have not been evolved than us for a long time. We have spent hundreds of thousands of years never having more than we needed (and often have less), and then as a result, our bodies have had to adapt much. They can get used to 1200 calorie diets; can accustom 2500 calorie diets. To maintain a high metabolic rate and your body guessing, never let them know how many calories you're going to give. This can help you avoid that dreaded plateau of weight loss and help your willpower!

     In other words, one day consume 1000 calories and the next 1800 If you make a low-calorie diet all the time, your body will adjust metabolic rate so you do not lose much fat. But if you keep alert, do not know how to regulate the rate (and therefore not regulated).

         This does not have to be separated from your gradual reduction of the calories you eat. Just go reducing the amount gradually over several days, upload, returns to the level that you had come to reduce and continues decreasing, upload, and so on. That day of rest actually help you burn more calories, you will not go back!

How to Burn Fat Effectively

3- Reduce your intake of harmful calories. Fat is only as a reserve food, fuel for your body. Carbohydrates are the main external source of fuel your body can burn both fat and carbohydrates without problems. Therefore, while they are proportions to a carbohydrate, fat will not burn. Ketosis (using fat) does not start until you have spent at least several hours since your last intake of carbohydrates. This is why we must say goodbye to carbohydrates.

     It is important to see the sugars as carbohydrates, not whole grains. There are benefits for you carb (which burn slowly like oatmeal and of plants); are harmful simple sugars (white things and sweets). When we say carbohydrates, we generally refer to detrimental.
         When they do ingest carbohydrates (you will, we all do), it is 3 hours before going to bed. Your body begins to lower its metabolic rate before sleeping and therefore these are doubly harmful.
     Proteins are converted into glucose as needed (in the Krebs cycle) and can also be combustible, but the body only uses emergency. This says: "We were out of fuel (carbohydrates) and we were fat, so we have no choice." Proteins are used to build, not to decompose them; while it is giving ketosis, your body will prefer to burn fats and carbohydrates before any protein you can possibly eat.


How to Burn Fat Effectively


4- Collect your high protein diet. Proteins and carbohydrates have about the same amount of calories per gram. These calories but you also have to burn them. In practical terms, it is a good way to consume something with flavor and still burn fat. Proteins are used as training units of the muscles in your body and not become fat. So, lean meats, fish and soy? That's right, that's enough.

     When you eat a lot of protein and say no to carbohydrates, your brain sends a signal first, several signals, which you interpret as "hunger" before making the switch to ketosis. After that, your hunger pangs diminish rapidly
     Eating too much protein causes wear in the liver and kidneys and other issues you should consider if you plan to make a "ketogenic diet".  It is not recommended to consume no calories, especially because it is not something sustainable. And only limits the amount of beneficial uses.

How to Burn Fat Effectively

5- Eat small meals frequently. It's simple: when you eat your metabolic rate increases. If you eat once a day, there is an increase. If you eat six times a day, there will be SIX increases. It does not take a genius, does it? Of course not. Needless. The only obstacle is to make sure that eat six times, does not mean you eat more. Be sure to eat the same amount, just that you will divide it and eat more often.

     Every 2-3 hours is ideal. If you finished lunch and have spent 3 hours, eat an apple, a yogurt or some vegetables. Do not ruin your diet. Maybe you do not feel, but you'll be doing your body a big favor.

How to Burn Fat Effectively

6-  Do not drink alcohol. Besides only provide empty calories and apart from the fact that when you eat a little, it's hard not continue consuming, makes up the food you've consumed fat instead of using it or delete it. Therefore, while taking in social gatherings is tempting, avoid it. Anyway, drinking does not give you any benefit!

     If you must drink alcohol or yes, you do not pass a drink if you're female, or two if you're a man. But it should be something you do once in a while, if you really want to achieve your goal of burning fat.
     However, drinking green tea and coffee. Studies have shown that 740 ml (25 fluid ounces) of green tea or 475 ml (16 fluid ounces) of coffee can activate your metabolism. See?Yes you can feel energized every time you want!

How to Burn Fat Effectively

7- Breakfast. In case you have not yet understood, the question to burn fat is to keep your metabolism very alert. And when you've spent eight hours sleeping, you probably imagine that your metabolism is also sleeping. So, get up, brush your teeth and eat breakfast. Lie more proteins have your breakfast and heavier the better. (Read: a box of donuts does not count).

     Egg whites, low fat dairy products and lean meats are best. Stay away from breads, cereals and drinks with caffeine tempting greasy. They have more calories, but still leave you feeling famished after a couple of hours.

How to Burn Fat Effectively 

8- Opt for foods that burn fat. Mother Nature has not been cruel at all. There are some foods that can keep your metabolism active without having to move a muscle. They control your hormones, and the truth, that is only half the battle. So stock up on the list of foods

     Low-fat milk or nonfat (illogical, but studies indicate that those who consume the suggested amounts of dairy, burn fat more easily than those who do not)  
     Healthy fats such as dried fruits, avocados, olive oil and fish
     Eggs (even better, egg whites)
     spicy foods



Part 2 of 3: Burning fat endothermic

How to Burn Fat Effectively

Divide your workout. You guessed it, right? Your metabolic rate increases after each exercise. So if you can divide your exercise into two one-hour periods of half an hour, you'll have two increases. Your body burns calories at a higher rate after exercise (sometimes for hours) and then if you repeat during the day will maximize the effect.

     This can also take advantage of simpler forms. Even two 15-minute walks can increase your metabolic rate. So when it comes to your meals and your exercise, divide them.

Use weights. Doing cardio is very good for you, but doing cardio and lifting weights is even better for burning fat.  If you want to take full advantage, do both.

     Working out with weights is very important. When you limit your calorie intake, you risk losing muscle mass instead of fat. So be sure not to end up a "skinny fat boy"; get to lift weights.You do not want all your efforts will be inconsequential!

Claims and then burned. And since you do cardio and lift weights you're (not you?), It would be ideal to lift weights first then do cardio. Claims and then burn! First of all, it keeps the metabolic rate after exercising longer active. In fact, throughout the day. And after all, that's what it is.

     In addition it is also less exhausting for the body. Normally, lifting weights is necessary to be in good shape and know the technique. When you're tired, it's hard heavy lifting should be compared to get on the treadmill, something even a monkey can do asleep.

Stick to interval training. Remember that idea of "divide your exercises"? There is a way to achieve this without having to do laundry twice: interval training. We refer to when going at a leisurely pace for a while and then you go and make the most of these two cycles rhythms as you consider necessary. It burns more calories and prevents you get used to one of the rates at which you exercise.

     You can do this with any exercise, but the simplest example is the treadmill. Walk for 30 seconds and then runs at full speed for the next 30 Just 15 minutes from this exercise are more beneficial than a jog for 30 minutes at constant speed.

Make various exercises. Whatever exercise you choose, whether it's a 15 minute walk with the dog or 10K race in the park, your body adjusts. The reality is that when your body says, "Oh, again the same" burn fewer calories So keep your enthusiasm, do various exercises body.. Consider this a good excuse to start practicing this hobby that you've been thinking.

     To be clear, in the words varied, we mean to do a variety of activities. A salt day running, the next nothing, and after this, get to ride your bike. Having variety is not only good for your body, but it is also wonderful for the impending boredom!



Part 3 of 3: Burning fat with small changes in your lifestyle

How to Burn Fat Effectively


Stay away from the scale. Really. Do not be tempted, because you will not do any good. When you lose fat, not necessarily lose muscle, and as you probably already know, muscle weighs more than fat. So, think about the number on the scale as arbitrary. Everything really depends on how your clothes fit.

  Beat the stress. Many studies show that people who feel stressed not only eat less healthily, but also burn fat more slowly. [7] It is harmful to your skin, is harmful to your sleep routine is detrimental to your relationships simply is detrimental. So do whatever you have to do and get rid of it! Maybe the kilos away on their own.

     Two keys to de-stress are meditation and yoga. If you think things are too smart for you, try them first before criticizing. The benefits are so many that you can not not try.

  Sleep. Sleep at least 7-9 hours a night. Maybe you're one of those people who believe that rest is for the dead, but also for fat people. Many studies have shown that bodies are rested processed carbohydrates more easily. [12] [11] That means less fat and more rest for you. What could be better?

     Ah, right. It is also the whole issue that if you have not rested, you start to want to consume sugar. Your hormone levels (cortisol, ghrelin and insulin) are out of control and your body starts to not let go of fats and sugars, as if that was their job. In some cases, yes it is, but not this!

Be active in simple ways. And above all, remains active. Studies show that people who are not quiet, on average, weigh less. Those who are not anxious to have more chances to save calories as fat! [13] Therefore, in addition to cleaning the house, from walking the dog and parking spot on the far side of the parking lot, do not stand still. In life, really is the little things that count!

     You always have small opportunities. Go up the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk the grocery store the most inefficient way possible. Trick not by sitting chair, that is, do squats. These little things add up before they even realize.

  Drink plenty of water. Not only excellent for your skin, your hair and your organs, it can also help you lose weight. A recent study in Germany showed that participants who drank 500 ml (17 fl oz) of cold water had an increase of at least 30% in their metabolic rates. [14] And also helps you feel full!

     To be clear, this increase in metabolic rate equivalent to 2.25 kg (5 pounds) a year.And that just by drinking water! Therefore, a water intake increased about more than one liter per day. You'll be more hydrated, healthier and your body will not want to imprison those fat deposits!


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