Is it a good idea to have a 'cheat meal' in the diet?

If you are dieting, you've probably heard the expression "cheat meal" . This is a way to give your body a break from the diet, without many consequences. But this food can become a concern for torture and "delivered" to the diets.

Is it a good idea to have a 'cheat meal' in the diet?
Is it a good idea to have a 'cheat meal' in the diet?

Let's start by defining what is "cheating". If "cheating" means making room eating something full of calories that you really like, then it is not a "bad" concept as the word may suggest cheating.

Wearing a too strict diet regime will only give you a binge at some point and let all your weight loss efforts off those jeans that do not fit (we are in the back of your closet).

The right to eat

The first thing to know is that you have the right - and the power - to eat what you want. And the idea is that you plug in your eating plan, healthy food you want in the same way as you want a "bad food".

This way you will not feel that you live under a regime of prison and make smart choices that most of the time and space you give your body and your mind to eat more freely without feeling you're fooling yourself. If your daily food is tasty and satisfying, will seek the "trap" less often.

But there are times when you will want to participate in a great meal full of calories and the truth is that this is normal and good! Actually you owe yourself to participate in that activity (food, party, whatever) because it is the way to develop self-control.

You have to go by your meals traps until you feel safe without guilt.

What you should pay attention to is this: A bad "trap" is a feeding frenzy that adds back the calories you've lost all week. That is, not a meal but one or two days of dietary debacle (which can usually spend the weekend).

Also why it is important to remove the connotation of cheat meal and say free, or gustico, food or whatever. Better a positive free meal a meal you generate feelings of guilt.

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