The Most Effective Tricks To Avoid Emotional Hunger

From time to time, we all have taken refuge in food. All have enjoyed a rich cream after a particularly stressful or tasted a chocolate when we are in full hormonal revolution day. This type of feeding behavior is called emotional eating. But do not worry: these attitudes are not harmful, provided they are sporadic. But when they become a habit ... there starts the problem.

The Most Effective Tricks To Avoid Emotional Hunger
The Most Effective Tricks To Avoid Emotional Hunger

1.  How can you identify emotional hunger?

To stop emotional eating, first required identification. How? Have more than one possibility:

Scan if you are truly physically hungry. To do this, pay attention to the signals your body: Are you feeling low on energy ?, your stomach rumbles? Be aware of your mental state: you are anxious or bored?

2.  cheats to avoid emotional hunger

Now that you are aware of the main strategies for detecting emotional hunger, you are able to know how to escape it. But we warn you: you must have you patience. Reprogramming the brain to identify other behaviors (which are not associated with eating) as pleasing takes some time.

3.   Be aware

Most of the time, emotional hunger born and develops automatically, that is, when you do not realize. Given this reality, and to reverse this situation, it is very useful to keep a diary in which to record what you eat and when you eat. This will allow you to distinguish a pattern and understand more your behavior.

4.  Drink black tea

Let the black tea help you overcome emotional hunger. And is that a study published in the journal Psycho-pharmacology found that people who drank this tea experienced a large decline in their levels of coristrol , which is the hormone responsible for the onset of stress cravings.

5. foot massage

A good massage is helpful in any situation-emotional hunger is not the excepci├│nU2013. It's simple: Sit in a comfortable, take your shoes off and massage place the sole of your foot with a small ball. This will lower your heart rate and your cortisol levels fall.

6.  Breathe

Repira deeply. You can trick your body into thinking you're about to sleep. This will relax you and set you free from emotional hunger. Then, close your eyes and performs 10 deep breaths and well len

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