Why It Is Not a Good Idea To Skip Meals?

Why It Is Not a Good Idea To Skip Meals? Many people think that skipping one or more meals can be a recipe for successful weight loss. And yes, sometimes after a while without eating "feel" like clothing you remains wider and lower numbers on the scale. But this is an almost whimsical feel and we tell you why.

Even if you are young and healthy, skip meals any extended period of time can lead to the weakness and fragility. There is also plenty of research showing that skipping meals accelerate muscle loss. And to lose muscle, fat burning is becoming slower time.

Not only that, the lack of food in the body creates a state of dehydration that will make you feel yes, even you look thinner for a period of time. But this loss is not sustainable over time and when you come back to consume food, your body will recover the lost speed. As fast as the food you ate.


Why It Is Not a Good Idea To Skip Meals?
Why It Is Not a Good Idea To Skip Meals?

And remember this, we are aware that to lose weight you have to eat less, but that does not eliminate all foods from your diet, or a food group and less than a full meal. If you cut your calories too much, your body starts looking for energy where it can, because the energy needed to keep running.

And as your body burns fat as primary energy source, it also uses your precious muscle which is basically really helps you burn more fat. Because muscle is metabolically exhausting. The causes your body to work all the time, the muscle by itself, to work, you must burn calories. And if no food is better degenerate muscles that give these much work your body.

In addition, the body uses the calories you're giving and save what can not metabolize as energy for other times, and this is in the form of fat. So it is important that the diet is balanced, you have many nutrients and is not a diet where you skip meals just to "lose weight".

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