23 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Fast


You might have tried many plans and diets to lose weight fast but you gave up cause you didn't get the desired results or it was very difficult to keep going on these hard programs.

and sometimes you have only 2 options: lose weight fast but you will always feel tired and hungry and your body will be very weak most days or you can lose weight very very slowly to keep your body in a healthy state. Now you will manage to lose weight fast and easy at the same time and you will not make your body weak or exhausted to manage your goals. With these 26 ways you will have a magic tool to transform your body and get your dream to become true. These methods are also very safe to follow and have no side effects on your body, In fact it makes you feel happy and satisfied about yourself and over time you will like you have achieve your dreams to have a good shape and you will be more confident.

23 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Fast
Easy Ways to Lose Weight Fast

You can use this tips smartly by applying 3 or 4 different tips every week or every month cause you can't use all of these methods at the same time. Generally you need 2 major things to make the perfect plan to lose weight fast: 

 1- Diet: you need to follow a diet program to eat healthy 

2- Exercise: exercising make fat burning faster and easier which make the diet       more interesting   


So when you apply any of the following tips try to use diet and exercise in your plan to make sure you get the maximum benefit and to accelerate the process.


Here are the Tips:


1- Have a very specific goal :

Having a specific goal make you feel more responsible for achieving it no matter what you will keep moving forward until you reach your desire, But how can i make a specific goal ? use number language!


By using number language you will know exactly what you want and then you can make the plan to reach it which will make the process more organized and interesting at the same time. To use the number language you need to put a deadline to make sure you achieve your goal for example: "I will lose weight in about 4 months"  this sentence is good but if you realized you can put another number to make it perfect: " I will lose 15 - 25 kg in about 4 month" Did you see the deference! 



2-  Drink tea:

Drinking some kinds of tea is very helpful for fat burning and it's also a nice drink to be included in your diet.  There are different kinds to help you lose weight fast:


- Green tea:  It can help you to burn fat faster and  speed up your body metabolism   some studies show that drinking one cup every day can burn 60 calories .

- Oolong tea: it's a very delicious tea to drink and make your body burn fat to produce energy and make you active. you can use hot or cold one both are very delicious. Oolong tea take some time to make results but it worth it in the end.


- Peppermint tea: it makes different body organs relax and improve the balance of muscles which make you doing effective exercises to help you losing fat quickly than usual 


It's recommended to drink one cup of tea per day no more than that and of course you can choose your favorite one.



3- Don't eat junk foods: 

Junk foods of fast foods have many disadvantages which are enough to make you stop eating them immediately:

- weight gain: eating lots of this food cause weight gain very fast because junk foods generally contains  lots of calories and sugar .

- heart disease: it cause many heart disease as well because the amount of high level saturated and trans fat in it.

- waste of money: junk food most times are very expensive and not healthy as well so stop eating them now 

But what are the replacements ? 

You can use some drinks and snacks to help you beat the hunger emotion and provide you with needed energy for your different activity

Check these 2 articles:  - 5 Quick And Healthy Snacks For Work

                                       -   6 Drinks to Help You Losing Weight    

4-  Eat plenty of fruits:     

Fruits are very useful to lose weight fast cause they have low energy dense levels and low calories because it contains a lot of fibers which are helpful for fat burning and muscle building, So it's recommended eat fruits many times per day specially after every meal or you can use them as a snacks 

Check this article:         The Best 8 Fruits To Lose Weight And To Be Healthy  

5- Eat more vegetables:

vegetables aren't less important than fruits. Eating more vegetables is great way to burn fat and lose weight quickly without much efforts, Cause it contains low amounts of calories and lots of water which is useful for your body metabolism. 

if reasons above aren't enough for you to start using vegetables in your diet you should know that vegetables have great amounts of vitamins, protein and minerals. These elements are very useful not just for weight lose but also for whole body health.

Here is some great vegetables to lose weight fast:

- Cucumber: it have low amounts of calories and it can be served in salads 

- Broccoli: if you want to have a great diet experience you should care about eating broccoli because it have no fat at all and contains lots of carbohydrate which is very important to provide you with needed energy for exercising   

- Spinach: spinach is a great choice to lose weight also it is very easy to cook and you can use it in salad

- Carrots: carrots have nice amounts of fiber and it is very delicious as well 

- Onions: you need lots of flavor in your foods to make your diet more interesting and avoid boring emotion you can find that flavor in onion.

You should eat vegetables at least 4 times per week to get the desired results 

6- Exercise your whole body:

If following a diet plan and eating healthy food is the mother of weight loss, Exercising is th father! It's very important to exercise at least 3 times per week to lose weight fast and to have a good healthy body, but there's an important tip you should follow to get a great results during your exercises you should exercise your whole body not just your arms not just your legs or abs.

training your whole body will get you faster results and it is more interesting.

Watch this workout video and try to do this program at least 3 times per week:

This Cardio  workout is very useful and effective to lose weight fast and you will see results after week from doing it!

If you want more exercises to burn more fat you can check presentation below:

7-  Drink more water:

Water is very important to lose weight fast because drinking water during the meal makes you feel replete and satisfied. If you drink enough amount of water everyday you will feel more energetic and strong during the day 

Water helps you to fight hunger emotion 

How much water should you drink?  it depends on many factors, your weight your age and the diet you follow. It's recommended  to drink between 8 to 12 glasses of water per day.

Don't forget to drink water after waking up to start a good day and rehydrate your body. You can get water also by drinking another drinks like juices and coffee check this article:  6 Drinks to Help You Losing Weight

More tips to get most benefit from drinking water: 

1- Drink water throughout the day to avoid eating snacks that contains calories and to feel satisfied.

2- Drink water before during and after every meal 

3- You can speed your metabolism by drinking cold water 


8- Have a great break fast: 

The best time in any day to speed your metabolism and get maximum benefits from your diet is the morning after waking up and having a great breakfast will help to burn fat quickly. 

The main goal of eating good breakfast is to feel to get the needed energy for the day by eating a low calories foods specially fruits and vegetables. 

tips to have a great breakfast: 

1- Using green tea instead of tea or coffee 

2- Eat super food like: nuts and seeds, berries and oats 

3- Eat lots of fiber: you can find fibers in fruits and vegetables. Fibers provide you with energy without calories and make you full for longer time so that you won't need snacks.

9- Eat more in the morning less in afternoon and less in evening: 

To have a great diet experience you need to make your own style to get your desired results. 

Every person have his own body and almost his qualities so you should know what your body response to and go it more and more. 

Generally you need to eat your main  meal in the morning to get the energy and power for your day in afternoon eat smaller meal with less amounts of calories and smaller meal in the evening. That tip will make your body's metabolism faster and burning fat will be easier than before. But remember every body has it's qualities right?  So decide which foods you can eat in the morning to get maximum benefit with minimum calories  and reduce the amount of calories by the time during the.

Important note: this system take time to get used to it, So be patient in the beginning and everything will be fine.

 10- Burn more fat/ calories than you consume: 

 This is a very important tip you can use to burn fast and calories very fast. burning more fat than you consume will make your body shape better and you will see results in about week. 

You can achieve this by exercising your body in daily basis. you can also eat less fast than you consume this also is very effective to lose weigh fast. 

Follow this tip in the beginning of your plan and after every 2 weeks change the amount of calories you burn or eat. For example this week you will burn 100 calories per day then you will burn 700 calories per week 1400 calories per 2 weeks, next 2 weeks burn 200 calories and so on.

11- Snacks:

Sometimes you feel very hungry or exhausted during the day  and you might say that's because my diet plan isn't good or not suitable for me. In fact this is because you don't eat snacks between meals. Snacks give you a great energy to doing activity and to improve your balance in exercises. 

Snacks also make you feel satisfied and helping to avoid hunger emotion during diet. you don't need a specific skills or time to make your snacks you can make them fast and easy at your home and take them with you to your work, college wherever. 

Check this article: 6 Snacks Under 150 Calories

12- Exercise in the morning: 

Do you want a happy day full of energy and confidence ? then you need to train your body early in the morning and preferable after waking up. You will notice that your life get more organized and your metabolism will jump starts that make your body burn more fats during the day.

You will get awesome mode during the whole day and feel more confident and comfortable when doing your tasks and at your work.  

why should i exercise everyday in the morning ?

for 2 reasons. First when you exercise every 24/ 48 hours (depending on your plan) you will give your body the needed rest and you will make it like a routine activity then you will get used to it. Second after waking up early in the morning your workout will be more effective and powerful than any time else in the day. 

Now after knowing the importance of exercising early in the morning here's some cool tips to follow:

- start your workout between 6 - 9 am .

- Before doing exercises eat small meal to get needed energy.

- drink water during exercise.

- exercise for 30-60 minutes.

13- Walking many times per week:

Walking from 3 to 6 hours every week can help you to burn about 1400 calories per week ! one of the advantages of walking is how easy anybody can do it anytime anywhere for free! and it is interesting if you use headphone and playing your best play-list ;) 

If you 're beginner start walking 2 times per week for 10 - 30 minutes and increase days and minutes every 2 weeks. The more you walk the more you burn calories and speed up your metabolism.  You can make it more effective and enjoyable by speeding your leg movement   to burn more fat and strength your leg muscles.

14- Decrease your appetite/hunger:

When you follow any diet plan sometimes you feel that you are hungry during the day and you may feel unsatisfied as well, that happens because your appetite level is high and you always feel hunger and want to eat more.  decreasing your appetite doesn't mean that you will prevent your body from necessary foods, In fact your body is full but your mindset still feel hungry!

It's a mind game ;)  so you will need to follow these methods to get desired results:

- Drink more water during the day

 - Eat more foods rich in fiber like fruits and vegetables

- Eat slowly than usual -  Make sure to have a great break fast

- Eat 3 snacks per day

- Drink natural juices

15- Run 2-3 times per week:

You don't need to be an professional athlete to run, you can run any time you want anywhere.

Running is very useful for weight loss specially if you fat in your legs and stomach. You need to run regularly every week to get nice results and it might be difficult in first time, but don't give up next time it will be easier and so on...  after your body got used to running you should increase the time and the speed this will  make you burn more and more calories every week. 

Warming up before run is very important cause it reduces the levels to get injured. Drink water before, during and after running because your body need to compensates the water lost during run. Don't eat food before running at least for 1 hour. Wear a comfortable clothes and shoes and don't forget to use headphones to be motivated and avoid get bored and tired quickly. 

16- Workout smarter not harder: 

I mean that you can get better results with little work in short amount of time you should be smart to get results the easy way not the hard way. For example you can exercise 6 days per week 2 hours each but you could get better results and lose more weight if you exercised 3-4 days per week for 30 mins !   Got it ? 

Don't make excuses : if you can't find time to exercise your body try to train early in the morning for just 20 minutes you can do it anyway ! and if you feel tired try to change the exercises and do easier ones .
try to find a mentor: following a mentor is a very smart step you can take to succeed faster and reach your weight loss goals . Mentor will tell you his mistakes so you can avoid them and will guide you through the needed steps to make sure you are on the right direction
Don't hurt yourself during exercise: Specially if you are beginner try to train easier  in the first few days for   your programs and make  more effort every time  so that you won't feel giving up and you would think you can't make it. 

17- Eat more fiber: 

Fiber can make you feel satisfied during the day and give you energy to exercise well. It's recommended to eat lots of fibers early in the morning during breakfast and between meals as snacks.  Which foods are contains fiber ?  you can get fibers from vegetables, fruits , brown rice, and whole grains.

18-  Eat more protein:

a protein diet is very necessary for fast weigh loss. Foods contain high protein need more time and effort digest and they are stay more time in your stomach so you will feel full for a long time.  Eating more protein makes you eat less calories everyday which means you will start losing weight and feel satisfied at the same time! try to eat more protein in the breakfast and launch to get great results in your diet . There are many foods contain high amounts of protein like beans, sea foods, lean meats, soy, eggs and nuts.

19- Drink milk everyday: 

Drinking milk can help you to lose weight in long-term process but it will be very effective (slowly but surly) you can lose about 12-15 pounds just by drinking milk for 6 months, it's like getting results while you are doing nothing but drinking milk! just one cup of milk everyday can make your body burn more fat. The interesting  part  is you can drink many delicious different flavor of milk, choose your favorite one or drink different flavors many times per week. 

20- Have a good sleep every night: 

It has been proved that sleep can affect your weight. If you sleep better you will lose weight easier. when you are awake for along periods of time without get the right amount of sleep you are more to consume more calories than your body need. and you will gain more weight without noticing. when you get enough sleep next day you will have more energy to exercise better and burn more calories and of course it keeps your mind focus during the day to make a perfect decisions so try to sleep at least 6 days every day and sleep in dark calm comfortable place to wake up next day feel more energetic. 

21- Chew more:

Chewing food more make your feel full faster and you will absorb more energy and benefits from your food. Chewing foods make it easier to digest and speed up your metabolism so that your body will burn more calories and lose more weight. It's also very good for your teeth health. It makes you enjoy and taste your food's flavor. 

22- Keep tracking and improving your results:

The best thing you can do to make sure you reach your goal faster no matter what is to keep tracking your actions and improving them. If you found that your action doesn't get you to where you want fix it or change it completely and do another one and if you found that your action is good make it better. So every week think and analyze results and actions to know where you are for example you can add a new exercise to your workout plan to make things better or you can change your diet a little bit to get better results. Write down every thing you do in a paper and every week look at it and say to yourself: how can i make this better, how to make it work faster. By this way you will make achieving your goals more and more interesting cause you are responsible here for everything!

23- listen everyday to motivational music/video:

We need motivation every day to keep moving forward to reach our goals not just in weight loss goals but in fact to reach any goals we want in our life. try to watch a motivational video everyday in the morning or listen to your favorite motivational song read an inspirational article/book. that little time you spend in the begging of the day to motivate yourself will make a very big difference in the rest of the day you will feel more happy and will do anything to achieve your goals 

You can watch motivational video like this one everyday : 

Now before you close the article i want to make sure you have got something useful from it i want you now to get a pen and paper and write down at least 7 ways above to lose weight fast this week and apply them for one or two month then after finish try new ways next 2 months cause you can't apply all of them at once.  

23 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Fast

If you have another easy tip to lose weight fast please tell me below in the comments.
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