Why Losing Weight Smarter not Harder Is a Must

Dieting or losing weight is an art that you need to master it !  But as you know everything in this world could be achieved by  different ways and the smart person always choose the right way and apply it no matter what. It might be slow it might take some time to see results but He knows it’s the smart way!

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Lose Weight Smarter not Harder

Most of diets today are very hard to follow they force you to eat a little amount of food which affects your body badly of course you will notice that you have lost weight in a short amount of time but if you looked in the mirror you might find that you achieved your goal (  losing extra pounds) but wait 90% you will have a sad face or exhausted body or unhealthy body it might be worse.

The next time you see that advertisement :  Lose 65 pounds in just 2 weeks !  Be sure that it’s fake they are trying just to sell you something even if it was real almost it will harm you rather than helping you so be careful and think for a while before following any advice or diet !

Now what do I mean by smarter not harder ?  If you have an opportunity to lose 35 pounds in about 3 months or lose the same amount in 2 weeks which way will you choose ? Which one is smart and which is hard ?

I guess you know the answer :D  yes losing weight in longer time is much better!

Slowly but surely is the key to have a good body shape and a healthy state and peace of mind. Don’t prevent yourself from eating food, you just need to choose what to eat . There are kinds of food which you can eat more than you think and more healthy than other kinds of food .

Like vegetables fruits they contain no fat and high amount of water that can make you satisfied all the day and between meals as snacks

There are other kinds of food to eat and make your body in shape we will discuss later

Now let’s discover the reasons why losing weight should be smarter :

Reason 1 : It’s easy !

That’s why it’s smart, and by easy I mean it will get you results you want in a very comfortable way that will make you feel you are losing weight in a natural process.

You make it a lifestyle more than a part time activity. It becomes your habit in the long run, If you stopped in some day you feel something is wrong you feel like you have lost something but you don’t know what, you achieve this level after setting your mindset right and knowing that you will get desired results in longer period of time but you are sure it will work and you will feel better.

Reason 2: Slowly but surely

Quick weight loss schemes could harm your health and your body. If you want to loose lots of weight in a very short time that’s not a good idea at all. I guarantee you will gain the same amount of fat you have lost or even more after few weeks because it’s very hard to eat a very little amount of food than you used to and everyone has a limit of will power unless you are a superman :D .

Instead choose to loose specific amount of pounds in a longer time, that will make you feel satisfied more and it’s very safe and healthy way which will benefit you in the long-term

Reason 3:  It’s safe process

The most important thing you should care about is your health mainly you follow any diet to make your body healthier. If you followed a wrong harmful diet it will go the opposite direction and it won’t worth it at all.

Be careful and choose a safe(smart)  diet to lose fat because we don’t need other problems to affect our valuable body functions.

Reason 4: Long-term success

Slowly but surely, you heard this quote many times and of course you just read above in this article,  Read it again with a good attention, you will need to understand it completely. you can lose as much weight as you want in a month but i guarantee you will suffer and most of times you will gain the same amount you have lost.

Planning for a long-term achievement is one of the key to success at anything.

Reason 5: Peace of mind

I remember one day i met my friend and he told me that he is so tired because of dieting and he get no results or at least he didn't get the desired results he wanted according to the efforts he was doing. 

I advised him to start all over again from begging and make a long term plan to achieve his goal instead of 2 weeks or one moth why not 6 moths or even a year  ? in the end he would achieve his goal and have a peace of mind at the same time. 

After 3 months I saw him again and he was happier than the last time i saw him and of course healthier. He told me that he started to change the way he was looking at things and chose what to eat instead of how much to eat. and he didn't focus on achieving fast results any way time will pass and he get what he wants and he is there losing like 10 pounds in 3 months isn't bad at all as long as he improve every day slowly but surely.

Reason 6: Lifestyle

What’s the difference between losing weight and losing body ? there’s a big deference !  Losing weight is a healthy natural process you do it the right way to make sure you shape your body like an artist who sculptures a statue inch by inch, In the other hand by saying losing your body I mean when you decide not to eat for long times daily and making yourself starve actually you aren't losing weight you are losing your body !

So the best solution is to make your diet your lifestyle , do it everyday don’t give up until you feel it’s a part of you.

Reason 7: Turns into a habit

Someone said before if you do something for more than 21 days in a row it becomes a habit and you do it every day like you have done it hundreds of time, if you manage to make a good  diet plan your habit then you are the winner :) and don’t forget giving up bad habits which makes you gain more fat and affect your health like eating fast food and chewing enough to make Digestion Process easier and feel more satisfied. 

your job is to make new healthy habits and stop some bad ones which stop you from reaching your ideal weight

I hope that you now understand the difference between smarter and harder way and which one you should follow to success in your diet journey

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