How To Use The Power of Your Mind To Lose Weight

Using your mind to lose weight

 Everything starts from the mind, big projects , amazing ideas or any decision we make , but did you think before about using your mind to control your weight and lose fat to reach the ideal body you have always dreamed of ?

Losing weight is a process which needs planning and smart strategy to happen as we want it. you can’t say now I decided to lose weight and i will start tomorrow following a diet plan and then the result i want will show up next week ,most of times it won’t work instead you need to understand some concepts and make a good plan to make that goal come to reality by using the power of your mind and will power to  make it.

In this article you will discover:

1- Your reason that makes you  put food on your mouth ! Why do you eat ? because you are hungry or because you are distressed, angry or frustrated ?  now you have to watch your emotions towards food and develop them to start control your weight and you will discover that it’s possible to make a healthy meal your favorite one instead of unhealthy kind of food.

2- Start using “pain and pleasure” strategy to your benefit. Do you associate eating unhealthy food with pleasure? Do you associate exercising with pain ?  Take a deep breathe and start focusing on your way of thinking about food and eating . you will discover how to associate diet and exercising with pleasure and associating unhealthy food and bad habits which cause you to gain fat with pain

3-  Watch your “emotional reaction”  what do you feel when you see some kind of sweets ? how do you react to this ? of course everyone of us respond differently towards some kinds of foods and drinks. This is very powerful if you learned how to use it right and react the right way to achieve your best body ever, you will know how to change your reactions to some kind of foods and bad habits to keep you fit and healthy easier than before.

4- Using the question “ what you eat and why you eat it ? “
Questions are very powerful tools in making the right decision and setting goals and achieving them too, When you ask the right questions you will recieve the right answers and you will make your life better, in the other hand when asking wrong questions you will receive the unworthy answer even if it was right, Everyday ask yourself what will you eat before every meal? is it healthy and useful to your body ? Why you eat it ?  because you are hungry ? distressed ? bored or just feeling like do it and you go on?  

You will discover in this article a powerful strategy to ask the right questions everyday to getting the right answers in your diet

5- Building the right habits to make it easier for you to follow your diet is a very important skill.

Lots of people and self improvement gurus say that it takes from 21 to 60 days to set up a new habit and stick to it . Imagine if you do something everyday that will make you burn fat and it’s a spontaneous activity , even if it was a little thing but it will make a huge difference in the long term.

You will discover the healthy habits you need to follow on your diet to make things better and easier .

1-: Why do you eat ?

There are people who eat because they are hungry, there are other people who eat because they are sad ! and of course other people eat because they are bored , happy , excited and many other feelings but hunger!

I’m not telling you here that you should wait until you are very hungry and then start eating ,no.

What i mean is watch yourself why you eat and then start develope your thinking towards food and then you will make a good progress in your diet.

For example: one of my relatives was eating every time he was sad it’s was his habit to do this when he felt bad everyday !  can you imagine ?! even if he had just finished his lunch and someone came to him and tell him a bad news the first thing he would think about unconsciously  was to eat something as a relief to his emotions and as you know his problems can’t be solved this way and he gain more and more weight at the same time which makes things worse !  But someone told him to watch his reactions and stop answering his feeling to eat when he feels bad, he did it was difficult in the begging as everything but he started to eat 3 meals per day plus 2 snacks and he achieved great results !

Start watching yourself and know why you eat if you find that you eat because just you need to relief some bad emotion push yourself against this and it will become easier every time and then you won’t feel strange anymore .

Put in your mind that eating in specific time each day will help you a lot in the beginning because you train your mind before your body.

So the first thing you should do is asking yourself: Why do i eat ?  and make a plan to eat at specific times everyday and include snacks in your diet to feel satisfied.

This point is very simple yet the most effective one you should follow.

2-: Pain and pleasure strategy

Everyone of us have a “pain & pleasure” System but it’s differs from one to other. If your pain of exercising is more than your pleasure mostly you will suffer in your diet. If your pain of keeping away fast foods and unhealthy ones is more than pleasure you will suffer a lot in your journey to maintain your weight!

This is the bad news, but wait there’s a good news too and it’s very good really!

You can change this system and use this powerful strategy to your benefit.

For example: If you associate pain with exercising and training you can transform this pain to pleasure by associating and thinking about what will you get from it and how your body will like like in the long run. always look at the benefits not the suffers this way will keep you motivated and do what is really need to be done to achieve your goal.

Don’t say oh i can’t do it it’s very hard I’m tired let’s do it tomorrow And you know in yourself you must do it ! Just tell yourself I know it’s hard and i’m going to do it anyway it will benefit me. think about the end after you finish it you will like a hero like an Olympic athlete who had finished his race to the end think about glory your self image yourself esteem and you will find your self you want to exercise right now.

The same thing applies to dieting sometimes it’s hard specially in the begging but ask yourself what will you get by doing it ? Think about your why ! and not about how hard it’s because you can do it and in fact everyone does it everyday those who are determined to go forward and achieve maintaing their weight no matter what.

3-:  Do you watch your emotional reactions to food  ?  

Sometimes you find yourself reacting towards some kinds of food like a lion does when he sees a deer!  You telling yourself how delicious is that food and without thinking you eat too much of it no matter what it costs you, even if  it’s unhealthy or contains high fat you just do it because it’s delicious !

You need to stop and think about your reactions because not everything we love eating is good for us and our health. We have to control our emotions towards specific kinds of foods.  

The next time you think about how delicious a food is take a deep breathe and think instead about how “healthy” it’s for me and you can change your react and create a replacement to a healthy food with low fat and of course it can tastes good too.

If you think about your thoughts about any kinds of food you will find that you have got those beliefs and mindset from the outside world you didn’t born with them, so you can totally change that yes it’s hard but it’s really possible you just need to focus more and create a new mindset overtime you will find it easy.

From this day on control your emotions and reactions instead of letting them control you and you will find a big difference in your health.

4-: What do you eat and why you eat it ?   

Questions could be used as a strong solutions to many problems ask the right questions and you will get the right answers! One of the most powerful questions you can ask yourself is what do you eat ?  If you answered this questions honestly you will know the reason behind your Overweight and you can solve it no matter what.

By some how we know what’s useful for us and what’s not we just need to listen to our good internal voice that tells us “ Don’t eat that ! you know it’s unhealthy “ but we ignore it and we eat the unhealthy anyway even if it will cause more than obesity.

That takes us to the next question why we eat it ?  Answering this one will make you think more deeply and will open your mind to new thinking.  Do you eat some kind of food because it’s just delicious ? or because it’s what everybody else does ? Find the reasons behind your eating and develop them and make your good reasons to eat a healthy food and of course you know what kind it’s to eat. you just need to do it and repeat daily.

From this day decide that before every meal and before eating or even drinking anything ask yourself those questions and answering them honestly it will help you a lot in your diet journey and make things easier .

5-: Use the power of habits

The best  thing i like about habits is when we create a habit and repeat it everyday it will help us a lot to achieve any goal we want. Habit means that you will do it daily and get used to it. as if you was born doing it ! it becomes a routine but a very good one not like those boring routines that we just do it.  

For example: If you drink a cup of  water every morning just after waking up it will help you to burn fat and boost your metabolism. you just need to make sure that the first thing that enters your digestive everyday is fresh water.  The water that has been drunk, cleans out the intestines and also initiates bowel movement.

Another good habit is to eat snacks between meals like fruits and vegetables to make you feel more energetic and full all day long and you will consume just the amount your body needs.

Exercising is the best habit you should consider in your list because it will burn fat effectively and strength your muscles helping your body to be in a healthy state and an excellent shape. I’m not telling you to go to the gym every day, you can exercise in your home there are a lot of training and exercises out there in the internet to choose from just google “ exercises at home to lose weight” or something related and you will find unlimited ideas to pick.

Eating less everyday is also a good habit to do you just need to eat less even if it was a tiny amount than yesterday after a week you will make a good improvement and tricking your body to make it satisfied and losing some weight at the same time just reduce the amount of food every day and it will work perfectly.

A habit could be anything useful even the simplest one but leads to huge success in the long- term so use it.


By following these 5 tips you will notice improvement in maintaining your weight from the first week, after a month you will have a good system to achieve your goal over days and the process will be more fun.  

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