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Did you think before about why you don’t lose as much weight as you want ? In my opinion it is because of lacking one of those three important factors:  

1- Diet
2- Exercise
3- Motivation

If your system lacks one of them you will find it so difficult to lose weight or get in a good shape, you should balance them to get the best possible result .

If you have the best diet plan and started following it without exercising. I won’t say that you aren't gonna lose weight. but may be not as much as you want or it will take long time before you say your ideal body. and what about exercising and following a good diet without the motivation inside you? you will find it boring, hard and sometimes impossible.
If you decided to  exercise daily and motivate yourself to achieve your goal without a clear solid diet plan to put in mind. you might lose weight and improve your posture but not as much as it should be.  

Early men and women had great bodies which were lean, muscular and strong, Do you know why ?
First: because they were eating lots of vegetables and fruits, even the meat they were eating was poor in calories because it was (wild meat) not like the meat we eat now ! (Diet)

Second: They were doing much effort to get the food by running, jumping  and hunting animals. which means natural burning of calories and fat almost everyday (Exercising)
Third:  The desire to survive and to live was the motivator that made old men to work hard to get the necessary food and to run from the danger. There “why” was too big to make them do such activities  (Motivation)

It’s clear now why old people were have great body shape and strong muscles because of those 3 important factors:

Diet   Exercising  Motivation

So you should know that you need to balance between those 3 important factors to guarantee success in your journey to lose weight.  Then learn to keep your body healthy and never gain the weight you have lost before.

Now we will discuss the 3 factors and how you can apply all of them together:

1- diet

The most important question to ask yourself is: what’s your body supposed to look like?

Answering this question in the beginning of your Journey  will help you a lot and will save you lots of time and energy.

You need to know where you are and where you wanna go to reach your destination and choose the right shortest way to go there.  

Imagine If you want to go to any city from your home, What will you do? you will plan everything from knowing the distance, preparing map and the knowing how you are going to do it.

Losing weight is like any other goal,  you have to know the necessary tools, information and how you are going to do it.

Now days our bodies are likely to gain weight more than to lose it !  because of our habits and daily routine. you have to reprogram your body and your mind to burn fat to be healthy and in shape.  

Start giving up on bad meals and habits then replace them with good ones to help you get rid of overweight.

If you only depend on will power you won’t make it. it’s gonna be hard, most people gain the weight they have lost because they depend on hard diet without following a good solid plan.

I’m telling you to be smart and follow a good plan to make it don’t be hard on yourself, of course will power and motivation are very important but not enough.

Know that it’s not about how many fat cells you have in your body, it’s about the size of those cells.  for example when you train and your muscles go bigger in that process the size of muscles cells increases not the number of muscle cells. when you weigh 80 Kg you have the same amount of fat/muscle cells when you weigh 120 Kg .

Your goal should be eating right: the right food at the right time and eleminate all kinds of foods that makes you gain more than losing weight this process has to be naturally ( automatically)  to make things more clear:

What you eat is more important than how much you eat,  for example: Two groups A and B    

Group A: Eat Vegetables, fruits Nuts and Drink natural juices without calculating how much they eat.

Group B: Eat calculated amounts of fat and carbohydrates and vitamins and drink Juices with specific percentage of sugar

Guess Which group burns more fat and have a healthier body…..

Group A !  

Again it’s not amount how much you eat, but what you eat!   your first priority must be eating a healthy food and eliminate the unhealthy one and trust me you will get in a very good shape it’s as simple as that. Because when you under eat you force your body to store more fat to make sure you have enough energy to perform. that’s the biggest mistake lots of people make they don’t know that they harm themselves instead of getting any benefit.  

Now lets discuss the best mode to follow :  

1- Make sure you eat 3 meals per day: no more no less and include snacks (2-5 snacks) between them don’t be hungry under any condition.

2- If you really feel hungry at any moment try one these as snacks:  Apple, sugarless gum, water , walnuts, cucumber and boiled potatoes.

3- In the begging it’s okay to make mistakes: your job is to fix them and get feedback every time from others and aim to make your body healthier and better everyday.

4- Change the inside first then change the outside: First you have to change your mindset, beliefs and thoughts to succeed at changing your bad habits and your body. Be good at inner game as much as outer game.

5- Identify exactly what’s the problem then fix it ! it might be eating too much unhealthy food, drinking lots of carbonated water or not exercising enough. find the problem then think about how you can solve it. you can’t aim on a target you can’t see.

6- Eat to stay full: you don’t put food in your mouth to hit a specific count of calories forget about that, you eat to treat yourself well to get energy to make yourself feel good all the time, and to achieve that you know what to do. you just need to start doing it and take action, never stop !

7- Eat your last meal 3 hours before bedtime: this will help you to have a better sleep experience and when you wake up in the morning you will have the desire to eat more at breakfast which leads as to the next point:

8- Take care of your breakfast: it’s very important to have a good breakfast to get energy for the rest of the day. sometimes you wake up and ignore it or even eat just a little. Start taking care of this important meal so it will take care of you.

The last thing about diet I want you to keep in mind is:

2- Exercising

If following a smart diet plan and giving up eating unhealthy food is very important , then doing exercises regularly is as much important.

There are lots of people who just depend on healthy food to get in shape, I’m not saying its not enough but the process will take more time and you might give up if you don’t see a reward for your hard working.

Exercising makes you get in a great shape faster, makes your muscles bigger and accelerate the process and makes it more interesting.

There are people who just depend on moving there bodies and running to get results and yes they get the body they want and good looking muscles but they don’t know that being overweight is more than being fat, trust me it’s more than that, eating unhealthy food causes many problems to lots of organs and processes in our bodies even if the person moves and runs everyday and looks good.

The main point here is: Exercising alone isn’t enough and Dieting alone isn’t enough, It’s about mixing them to get the maximum benefit.

What happens when you exercise to your body ?

There are many great things happen to your body, In our case “losing weight”   we focus on two of them:  

1- Burning calories: When you do exercises regularly your body burns lots of calories and fats

2- Bigger muscle:  As I said earlier in this article when you exercise you increase the size of muscle cells which will makes you look better, healthier and stronger

Both benefits are the most important when we exercise to get in shape.  that’s why people who just work out still losing weight even if they don’t follow a diet plan !

To know more about the benefits and what happens to your body while exercising Check:   What Happens To Your Body When You Exercise

What kind of training could help you ?

You don’t need a Gym membership to get the results you want, you can exercise at your home and achieve the body you want.

Running also is a great way to move and get in shape

Here’s a video that will help you to burn fat in just 4 weeks :

As you see the exercises could be done anywhere anytime ! all it takes is the desire and consistent action from you everyday.

By the time you have to make it harder Increase the weight you lift, Increase the amount of time you run, Do more push ups, Sprint faster.

You have to get better every day don’t settle on your ordinary level aim for being better. Greatest things wait for you behind the wall of your comfort zone.

3- Motivation

Remember the video you saw above ?   I want to share a screenshot from the comment section under this video. It grabbed my attention and really inspired me after reading it and I encourage you to do the same and take a look at. It will really motivate you specially when it comes to work hard on training :

As you see this person quiet the exercise in the first day because it was very hard, but he searched up motivational videos to inspire him to keep moving forward and he read a quote that inspired him, then he decided to go back to work out again and again beside eating clean. day after day week after week He finally made it! He managed to do all the exercises easily. That means that everything is possible even the things you keep telling yourself it’s very hard or difficult to do.

This comment shows you what you will go through. yes it will be hard in the beginning, it’s OK come back the next day and do it try to push through pain. you will see some improvements that’s great !   come back again work it harder Enjoy the process overtime you will see magnificent results  a reward for the action you have taken.

I still remember the day when I decided to do push ups regularly 4 times per week I couldn’t do 2 push ups in a row when I started!  but I told myself that there are many guys out there who do lot’s of those why can’t I ? and I kept trying and improving everyday until I made it!  Now I can do 60 push ups!  and If I give all I got I will do 70 !  and I know I can reach the 100 in a row.

There’s nothing worth getting is easy. try again and again until you make it.

If you think that you can’t do it for any reason whatever it was remember that there were people who were have more problems and were in a bad situation than you now they reached there goal, maybe you know one of them. So why you don’t try ?

Motivate yourself everyday in the morning after waking up.

you can watch an inspirational video on YouTube there are tons of them, you can read an article listen to motivational speakers like Zig Zigalr, Antony Robbins or Les Brown.  Whatever the way it’s very important and necessary to find ways to push yourself mostly no one will do it for you.

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See ?  That’s all it’s as simple a that !  it’s not a complex science or puzzle.  
It’s following the right steps as 1, 2, 3, till the end. If you didn’t make it from the first try come again and do it.  then aim to make it better than before.
Don’t stay where you are always be hungry and want more out of everything you do by this you will succeed and keep succeeding over and over.

Write down a good diet plan, a regular exercise and keep motivating yourself everyday until you reach your goal.

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